Sunday, December 26, 2010

big news!! songs evoke emotion! memories are triggered! synapses fire! senses aroused! yes you know the drill....home alone and reflecting on the songs of the past year...and the big news! that came along with them..

song i listened to when i was happy: Spoon: Got Nuffin
song i listened to when i needed to cry: Shearwater: my good deed
song i loved rollerskating to: Seawolf: Violet Hour
song i drove DT for a nite out to: CEO: Come With Me
song that i danced to a fuckton: Miike Snow: Animal
song i felt that i would sing to someone if i loved them: Diamond Rings: All Yr Songs
song i liked to dance to a lot when DJing (amongst many many others): Sebestien Tellier: Divine/Delorean: Deli
song i made an actual dance routine to: Wavves: King of the Beach
song for when i'm nostalgic: Wild Nothing: Chinatown
song i just needed to hear cuz i was feeling Mouthful of Diamonds
song that made me feel carefree: Best Coast: When I'm With You
song i needed to hear when i was hurting: Beach House: Take Care
song that made me and jen go apeshit: They Might Be Giants: Man its so Loud In Here
song i drove pre 8 AM to: Passion Pit: I've Got Your Number
song i needed to hear when an oomph was necessary: Future Islands: Little Advances
song i was inspired by: wavves: king of the beach
song that was always tragically happy: Woods: Rain on
song i was asked about a lot while DJing: Russian Futurists: Carby
carefree song: The Drums: Let's Go Surfing
could be good times or bad song: Beach Fossils: Golden Age
girly song: Best Coast: When I'm With You
best live song (local): Frank Smith: Put Me In A hole
best live song (touring): Local Natives: Sun Hands/Beach House: Silver Soul
best live song at a festival (local): Black Nasty: Gimme Your Butt
best live song at a festival (touring): Bear In Heaven: Ultimate Satisfaction/Girls:Lust for Life
tour song: Antlers: Kettering
best song danced to at a club: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes: Home (w/kspot)
best song danced to in my car: Detroit Cobras: Bad Girl
best song i never woulda hear if it weren't for K-Spot: Sad Brad Smith
best song studio style: Fanfarlo: Fire Escape
best song title: Harlem: gay human bones
most inspiring song: Neutral Milk Hotel: Holland 1945
just for fun song: reading rainbow: Girls FM (<--another amazing song title!)

okay best best best...bests don't actually exist for us...all that jazz about opinion could change tomorrow/in a funny mood right now/ feeling years end nearing.....and well, i obviously cling to old(er) favorites...but to chronicle the 2010 year with some songs...kinda like a journal. i'm into a little big news now and then..
g'nite loves

Sunday, December 19, 2010

i enjoy songs and listen to them

off the tip top of my head, here's some songs played quite frequently this year, not necessarily all FROM 2010, but most definitely listened to and smiled upon throughout this year:

Chinatown- Wild Nothing (i could srsly take this to a desert island)
Moon Chldren -Palmbomen
Basement Scene -Deerhunter (fave from halcyion digest)
Airplanes- Local Natives
Friendly Ghost- Harlem
Catholic Pagan -Surfer Blood
I've got your number -Passion Pit (lasts forever.. lovely)
Golden Age- Beach Fossils
Find What You Get - Bang Gang
Take Care- Beach House (melting....)
zebra - Beach House
Ultimate Satisfaction- Bear In Heaven
When I'm With You- Best Coast (giggles)
Silent Time of Earth- Candy Claws
Come With Me- CEO
No Mercy- CEO
My Body's A Zombie For You- Dead Man's Bones (thank you my Brazilian Angel)
Desire Lines -Deerhunter
Special Affections- Diamond Rings
Something Else- Diamond Rings (much love for the sophomore)
Home-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes (did you think this wouldn't be listed?!?)
Dye- Eternal Summers
Luna- Fanfarlo (ahh what a blessing!)
Put Me In a Hole- Frank Smith (locals with a one-two step punch)
Vireo's Eye - Future Islands (lively live)
I was thinking- Gauntlet Hair
On Melancholy Hill- Gorillaz (intrigued)
Teen Angel - Heavy Hawaii
Too Fake - Hockey (its singalong time! great to DJ w/ Jen)
You Don't Like Rock And Roll- Hunx and His Punx (bless you!)
The Last Drop The Joy Formidable
Power - Kanye West (insane genius)
Violet - Kiss Kiss Fantastic
Help Me - The Laughing (Local experimenters of all things experimental)
Excuses - Morning Benders (excellent videopiece via youtube)
Mouthful of Diamonds- Phantogram (pocketful of secrets)
Tip Of Your Tongue -Porcelain Raft
Facelove- Ps i Love You
The Sun's Out - Reading Rainbow
The Violet Hour -Sea Wolf (another desert island tune)
Gimme Some Time- The Smith Westerns (thanks for the follow up)
Portofino -Teengirl Fantasy
My Time Outside the Womb- Titus Andronicus
Take On The World - Wavves (you are something)
King Of The Beach- Wavves (anthem)
Rain on - Woods
Best Friend The Drums (aaahhh K-Spot and i shoulda fuckin seen this show!)
10 Mile Stereo - Beach House
Golden Haze - Wild Nothing
Hospice Gates - Lower Dens
twelve Roses - Beach Fossils (brooklyn and shoeless)
Calrission - Million Young
Summers With The Ephemeral Wasp - Kiss,Kiss Fantastic
Turning On - Cloud Nothings
Solitude Is Bliss - Tame Impala
My WHole Life Story - Holy Shit (Take me with you, anywhere!)
Let Me Take You Out - Class Actress (always smile)
Myself - Palmbomen (must hear more!!!!!!!!)
Mien - Million Young
Story - Great Northern
Breakfast With My Shadow - Cloud Cult (lyrics)
Golden Age - Beach Fossils
Monster - Kanye West
Learning - Perfume Genius

sooo many more, so many forgotten tracks and perked up ears...this is why i use Blip. anyways....2nd list of sorts down for the count...prolly to be amended before years end.
Cheers! --elfgirl

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the start of something called a list of lists

i won't even try to narrow down my favorites of the year into one list. WTF?! impossible for an over thinking over reactor. musicians, albums, tracks..they resonate on levels worthier than simply best of...i personally am a fan of sub categorization.. so i will break down this musical year of 2010 into several lists..perhaps a favorite album list, favorite shows list, happiest songs of the year, saddest, best shows....blah blah bling!

so here's to taking it back all the way to january album a not so particular order...

Beach House-Teen Dream: this is probably my favorite release of the year. big surprise. As an entire album, there's nothing i want to skip, and everything I want to feel. definitely an "emotional" album, if that makes sense. textured, full and lush, simple, and artfully weaved. it flowed perfectly. Take Care at the end. brilliance. i should just take all the songs from Teen Dream and i'd have a favorite songs list of the year.

Wavves-King of the Beach: was not let down by the studio recording and this was an album of havin fun, making fun of fun, and wishing things were more fun. favorite tracks: No Hope Kids, King of the Beach...and the line "green eyes, i'd run away with you" always speaks to us green eyed girls ;)

Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest: what can I say, this is another album so close to my heart that I can feel it. The sound of lonliness, confusion, coming into adulthood, nostalgia, dreams and fear. It sounds covered in a damp blanket, in a musty attic…where memories are hidden and dust can be blown off trinkets and keepsakes rendering them alive again. Perhaps it’s the basement references on my favorite track that makes me willing to bet this, but damn this album prolly sounds even better in one.

Wild Nothing-Gemini: home of one of my favorite tracks of the year, “Chinatown” dreamy pop, soft and danceable, layered synths, sullen lyrics, “we’re not happy till we’re running away.“ a one man fucking genius. Thank God you're coming to town

Harlem-Hippies: these fuckies made one hell of a follow up. Surfy, do woppy, garage bliss. I don’t care if I don’t hear South of France at the shows anymore.. Gay Human Bones, Be Your Baby, Friendly Ghost…I could name all the fucking tracks. Self deprecating dudes, singing about girls and drugs. Music doesn’t have to be rocket science. Sometimes it can just be a frenzy of fun. Stage presence is pretty fuckin A too.

CEO- White Magic: this is by far the best dance release of the year. Argue with me, c’mon. Catchy beats, bleeping syths, experimental samples involving wicked screams, tribal percussion, full on orchestra at some points…and the crown of all, the chilly sound of a knife blade sharpened in “No Mercy.” a little nod to Pet Shop Boys here, but so much more intense. If you don’t like “Come With Me” well, you don’t like me then ;)

Local Natives-Gorilla Manor Okay so technically released at the end of 2009, French Kiss released it in 2010 so fuck it, I’m calling it a fave. Can’t say enough about the harmonies and chants, throbbing beats…one of the best live shows I’ve seen all year…Sun Hands, Airplanes…these songs crescendo at perfect moments, and yes, they will get stuck in your head…

Best Coast-Crazy For You- Again, it doesn’t have to be rocket science, it’s the California sound that got so fucking big this year. Not super groundbreaking, but really does it have to be? I love that a young woman is being just real here…nothing fancy…. confused, lazy, boy focused, cat loving, and high a lot of the time..well doesn’t it sound like life? Maybe not everyone’s, but can’t really think of anyone who doesn’t relate to one of these things. Favorite track, the hit…”When I’m With You.’ Best Coast, when I’m with you I have so much fun. I want to rollerskate and dance like a little girl.

Alberta Cross-Broken Side of Time: Hard to describe this one…essentially soulful folk rock, with emphases on rock I would have to say with a dash of psychadelia…the most distinctive of their sound would be Petter Erickson Stakee’s lead vocals.. To me his voice is that of an angel. How does this man sing that high and hold those notes…fluttering and quivering at just the right moments? Compared to Band Of Horses or My Morning Jacket…Alberta Cross sets the bar higher. Each song a narrative…bluesy lead guitars, plummeting down to just a single ghostly “oooh “ , full piano both driving and accenting the songs moments of psychadelic geekouts a la Yo la Tengo’s Painful. There’s so much here. Just listen to it. Leave Us Or Forgive Us and Taking Control , and a song named for Austin Texas. Alberta Cross has my heart.

Future Islands-In Evening Air: I’m used to hearing electropoppish, heavy on samples and synths tunes, from these dudes… I can’t complain of course, but god bless Thrill Jockey for putting out this release, which displays the maturity of the Future Islands sound. I adored the Little Advances EP with all its upbeat and frenzy (Nu Autobon, Little Advances !!!)but the next release Wave Like Home was lost on me…the fearlessness wasn’t there.. So here we are in 2010 with the fully formed solid member band, and it couldn’t be better. The beats exist but not at the forefront, so I can’t peg them as dancy or electro..maybe nu electro, haha. Much of the sound relies on the post punkish, dark wavish bass lines (its like peter fucking hook up in here!), repetitive and catchy synths, song arrangement, and sequences. There’s a happiness here, but the Factory Records dark appeal, it juxtaposes perfectly.

The Drums-The Drums: home to some of my favorite songs of the year. These dudes are masters at minimalism and simplicity. Let’s Go Surfing was the first track I heard, sorta lumping them into the hazy beach pop genre.. But they exceed and excel on so many more levels. Yes they wear their Smiths/Cure/New Order influences on their sleeves, but hey know when to say when to stay minimal and leave the fluff out. A few sequened drums and hand claps..some jangly guitars. Simple lyrics, entirely relatable, and bittersweet…” I’m sleeping in the kitchen, I’m eating in the bedroom, and everything is backwards, I wish I never met you..“ awww… “I don’t know what to say cuz when I open my mouth I always sound so stupid..” sort of endearing huh? Simplicity is bliss.

Okay so more more more..other favorites include in no particular order:
Beach fossils-Beach Fossils
Lower Dens-Twin Hand Movement
Kanye West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Diamond Rings-Special Affections
Surfer Blood-Astro Coast
MGMT -Congratulations
Palmbomen-Moon Children EP

Couple of regrets:
Sorta disappointed with the arcade fire Suburbs, cuz I fucking love them quite a bit..but shit, I guess I built it up too much.
Shoulda listened more to The National’s High Violet .. I loved what I heard but I never bought it. Sometimes I make dumb decisions.
Have yet to hear the new Starfucker in its entirety. Hey there’s still a couple of weeks left in the year..

And with that, there are a couple more lists.. Elf girls out for now. <3

Sunday, December 12, 2010

sweet redemption

the weekend that looked bleak turned out to be kinda spectacular. for starters, i saw What Made Milwaukee Famous on friday. i've been following them for years, almost wept tears at the beauty of this reunion...knowing a teeny bit of the back story of the dudes, the triumpths and turmoils and tragedies and blessings...some of which hide under thick blankets of drunkeness and self preservation.. well all of it culminated into a WOW of a show that nearly brought me to a weeping finish. thank you for playing curtains. thank you for the right stage monitor position i posted up was nice to see everyone being bros again..

so sweet redemption. decided i would give saturday nite new noise another chance tonite. After viewing past weeks playlists online, and needing some serious dance therapy, i had to venture back..thinking i would get the shit end of the stick, i was pleasantly rewarded with these artists:

Miike Snow
Edward Sharpe (OMG, heart skipped many beats!)
Hot Chip
Daft Punk
apples in stereo
sleigh bells
the drums
arcade fire (yep, srsly from Funeral)
active child

sooo glad i gave it a shot. crowd got busy, left at 1:00 am. the dancing beast was unleashed and tamed, if only for a few days ;)

*nobody got in my way, and i was able to practice jazzercise in my own lil corner
*gay boy told me i smelled like cotton candy. i thought i smelled like sweat. i know i did
*the three drinks i had were ordered w/o lines or attitude
*high five from a stranger who was enamoured with arcade fire
*galloping/not giving a fuck/not knowing anyone there
*leaving satisfied and not bitching at how shitty dancing in the ATX is

*meant to text K-Spot and my sis to say, hey, the dance is back in town! hope they read this
*boys in the ladies room
*shitty songs i didn't know with waaay too much filter sweeping
*missed BCoast, BFossils, CEO, but hey i got what i could for a nite i thought would blow balls
*no K-Spot
*everyone in this town is 20 with fake IDs

can't complain too much...i actually had to force a water break. i haven't AP'd in a loong time, and was craving conversation...met up with work ladies at a party with, guess what?!?! a dance shack. nice!

Went to 2nd AP to Danny's studio and finally saw where the laughing, the lemurs, WMMF, and white denim make magic. It was a brilliant old house converted into a studio. only one bedroom was livable.. every other one was soundproofed, full of mics, keyboards TTM, and lots of amps that i have no idea how wonderful or shitty they sound. whatta place!

so a weekend that looked a bit boring actually turned out to be pretty awesome. beginning to appreciate what it is i'm about to leave. anxiety reared its ugly head today, but i found a remedy all by myself. guess i gotta learn to do that, yeah? eeks, yeah. alright, sore muscles and fading...smiling out now.. ;)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i'm hoping to be asleep before the end of this post

insomnia is a bitch. SRSLY. not like sticky syrup fingers after eating waffles bitch, that's merely annoying. not like mistakenly DLing the clean version of the new Kanye album bitch...that's just a lapse in soulseek judgement. Insomnia is a whole different beast of a bitch.. a cold hearted, throat slitting bitch. I'm sitting here kickin it with her now and i can't get her to leave. she makes me wanna think too much and smoke cigarettes for no reason. Those behaviours i do tend to indulge in but kinda trying to cut back on both.. grr..Speaking of insomnia, there was a 24 hour coffee shop near my college dorm, and what was it named?!?! yup, Insomnia. i thought it was the grandest name in the world for a coffee shop. i wish it was next door now..the dent in the mattress midsection isn't the most comfy..speaking of bitch, i'll quit that shit right now!

so in other news...i'm outta the closet on the whole relocation tip. and i must select a coast.. funny how i've always been obsessed with brooklyn bands and the "how the fuck is anyone even in a band in the city?!?" stuff...This past year some favorites came from the west coast.. the beach is good for us. it keeps us human, and makes people want to smoke a ton of weed and make some great tunes. right? hell karen o seemed to like it. ahh, what a way to pick a place to move, huh?

actually i really am thinking this one through..more than ever y'all. hence the insomnia. i'm assuming. Yet with all this deciding and step taking and quivering nerves, the days of thriving in the possibilities of life are seeping back in..taking care of myself and living faithfully in moments (at least trying to, hehe) welcome back also. wasting time, its fucking rubbish...Absurdities and obscenities cannot be forgotten. they are the slices of life.

New Habit Alert: went jogging on the outskirts of a mall parking lot this past weekend, and fuck jogging, let's dance! made up silly routines and pretended i was a dancer, a real one at least. sometimes a ballerina...sometimes a celtics cheerleader.. was freedom. Freedom like a jog in the country the morning after i decided to decide...when i didn't even mind the sun and had spontaneous dancing in the pasture... So far my favorite songs are "Mien" by Million Young for modern/interpretive dance, "Chinatown" by Wild Nothing for ballet, and of course "Home" by Edward Sharpe for skipping.. <--that one would be funner with a partner. If K-Spot is reading, hey, that was for you!

New Habit Alert #2: Jazzercise. $20 for 12 classes. Let's make a Deal yo

New Habit Alert #3: board games. must play them more. i think my dream job would be the person who though up all the stupid questions and topics, and such..not too savvy on an exact example right now.. but working on a game seems just as much fun as playing it, especially if it involves word games. Oh and PS-have you ever fucking tried to MAKE a crossword puzzle of your own. that shit is an insomniatic bitch too! AKA difficult. year end lists arriving in a while probably in top 10 form..we'll see...just read K-Spot's worst itunes puchases of 2010, and i was in stitches. tomorrow will dive into the pitchfork list of best and worst album covers of the of my favorite articles this year was about modern bands using old photos or digitally dehancing them to look completely antique, i suppose its called hipstamaticulating? ha. czech it here if you like: This is Not a Photograph

especially if you are someone who has "a specific lifestyle that merges real-life obligations with the desire to stay deliriously young." <---damn i love that line.

and with that, i think the bitch went to bed. Tomorrow is today,g'nite <3

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Million Young or bust!

Oh my Million Young !! it was an anticipated show for K-Spot and myself , finally ending in a saturdaynite supersatisfaction! i admit the whole one man with beats/ chillwave tip is pretty trendy. i will also admit that usually i love it. Washed Out, Memory Tapes, Ducktails, Toro Y're all pretty tasty. With the exception of ducktails i've seen each of these bands live.. and well, Million Young takes the ice cream cake. Teen Daze was a solid opener. One lil guy, some nice ambience, sweeping synths, a few hits on the sampler for beats and gunshot effects. kidding, hee hee. Excellent match for Million Young.. when its just one person up there, hopefully they have charisma. And Teen Daze did. Thankfully dancing to his own tunes in a way that seemed very authentic raising his hands in the air.. this type of behaviour can really annoy the shit out of me. but like washed out, teen daze was charming and inviting, both personally and musically. nice jokes and an "I LOve Lone Star!" thrown into the mix.

The finale of course was Million Young, who i thought was going to set up with just a laptop. Curiosity had already risen when a drum kit was backlined so hrmmm..... could this be an actual live band performance?!? Did Mike Diaz bring his homies from Florida along for tour?!? OMG yes indeed! (apparently 5 ppl in a sedan we were told) A four piece Million Young played a full set from Sunndreamm EP and Be So True EP. I can say much about shows not having dull moments, hell, most of them do.. but this entire set filled the room with blissful noise and dancey beats way hotter than most chillwavers.. god that was terrible, ha. i must say no offense to any one man showmen, but the sound was 100 times more tremendous when it wasn't just a computer making it. The kick drum was throbbing, loud and unsampled guitars, and the same filtered and ethereal vocals from the came together so miraculously. Perfectly placed samples when used, perfectly proportioned free space, intricate 80's synth blips, bells, and tons of energy. Even the slower songs like "Mien" and "Day We Met" were not lets-get-drilled-and- sway..even these songs had requisite beat acknowledgment. heads bobbed, feet tapped, hips shook. and geez when "CYnthia" and "Weak Ends" came on, it was like watching Delorean at FFF fest. One couldn't help but dance, smile, laugh, and lose their wits for a moment..hell maybe even better due to sheer proximity to the band and the crowd. apples and oranges. both delicious.

I can never say enough about bands putting the fun into performing. as much as i already liked Million Young recorded, my fandom has increased from seeing them play live, with such a grand stage presence, vivacity, and humility. AKA no pretense or ego to get in the way. real instruments can always enhance virtual ones.

coupla highlights:
*When the first few notes of "Calrission" came on KSpot and I turned to each other and said "this is my favorite!" last nite really couldn't have been sweeter
*Million Young outro of Gorillaz wha? neato!
*realizing that i don't always know where the bands i like are from but pretty sure that Yo Majesty was the only one from Florida i marginally liked until now. Thanks Million Young, maybe i shoulda looked into that garage punk booze cruise docking outta Fla ;)
*million young is an oxymoron in the context of age. wow, i love that shit!

stay young lovelies. here's "Mien"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

for forgetfuls sake

Saturday nites...don't venture out too often..but off tomorrow, yippee! so..reunited with krissie after was grand as to be expected with family talks and mending of our broken dreams through whatever alley we ventured down. ..hit up usual jaunts with the exception of Gypsy Bar...nice incense (OMG did i just fucking say that?!?!) well it says a lot for a clean bathroom on the east side.. so ended the nite at Longbranch Inn..and i'm jottin down the playlist so i dont forget...the jukebox was broken so the owner had her ipod hooked up..

The cure
Band of Dorses
The XX
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Neutral Milk Hotel
The Smiths
LCD Soundsystem
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

i wasnt' there super long.. BUT made a swift beeline for the owner who i sorta know and asked for a nite to DJ. it was work peeps and friends dancing to WTF we a not so dancing sort of bar..that sorta says a lot for this town honestly. speaking of the bar: its narrow and long...the layout style is cavernous with windows wayy above yer head, almost an underground feeling.. always reminds me of a new york bar. and tonite was brilliant cuz texans are either eating leftovers, too pussy to go out in the cold, or doing something much cooler than i was..AKA NOT CROWDED! loved my time there. and seriously please let Team Fab DJ. trust me we will dance and play. frolic and sing. we will five finger the loner at the bar and curiously , candidly, convincingly invite he/she to dance. it'll be fun. i promise.even funner with a mic.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

i'm thankful for YOU

so people i'm most thankful for always...and i've met a here's a totally random list of some of you lovelies and the songs that are most thoughtful to me...when i think of the beautiful YOU, even if i've not seen you/hugged you/met you in forever:

Brother Neil: ELf Power: Will My Feet Still Carry Me HOme
Jen Rea: We are Scientists: The Scene is Dead
Brother Ryan: The Hold Steady: Chips Ahoy
Mom: The Killers : When You were Young
Dad: The Zombies: She's Not There
Buffy: The Arm: The Privileged Few
K-Spot: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes: Home
Leah: Okkervil River: Unless its Kicks
Raya: MGMT: Kids
City of New York: The Walkmen: Thinking of a dream I had
Julia: Le Tigre: Deceptagon
Chris: Wilco: California Stars
Rapha: Trans Am: Futureworld
Jenny: The Gerbils: Fluid
Dude: Deerhunter: Strange Lights
State of California: Olivia Tremor Control: Gypsum Oilfield Fire
ESP: Neutral Milk Hotel: Holland 1945
Chris Dale: Wire: Early Miner
Jim Browning: Apples In Stereo: Look Away
Kelly: Sebadoh: brand new love
Craig: Best Coast: When i'm with you
Gunner: Magnetic Fields: A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
Penny: Nobunny: Nobunny Loves You
Grant: The Lauging " Don't Help Me"
Me: Future Islands: Little Advances
Britt: Spoon: All the Pretty girls Go to the city
Joan: Fanfarlo: Luna
JHF: TVOTR: Wolf Like Me
OC: The Good Life: Always a Bridesmaid
LG: Yo La Tengo: My Little Corner of the World
Jeanettio: Harlem: South of France

off the top of my lil head is what i wrote. i've not even met some of these people and i miss most of you...some of you i see thankfully quite a bit.. But yeah associations from the tiptop spur of the moment brain and here you have it. BTW, you all deserve more than one song.

PS-can't fucking wait to hear the Kanye ALbum.. happened upon a rolling stone mag at the folks house...the review was superb and author said the album could've been penned only by an insane person. F to the Yes!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

turkey necking and high fiving

i hear a story: via the K-spot, bradford cox just released two atlas sound albums available for free on the DL tip on his website. i kinda cant wait to hear them.. Thanksgiving came early for krissie.. and it sure came early for me as K-Spot made me a mix CD...The new Girls EP Broken Dreams Club is there.. (i hereby nominate us as co presidents) plus beach fossils, Wild Nothing, and Foxes in Fiction. Not familiar with FIF except for blip, i turned the tracks to 15-18 to hear Foxes in Fiction. I guess i sorta melted away, and things were so backgroundishly surreal and sublime...atmospheric and lush... that the tracks flew the fuck by..all of a sudden i'm back to the Girls EP. I'm going to seriously enjoy the trip to my parents house.. it'll take an hour but with traffic maybe longer, so i'll be able to soak it in even more.. The girls EP does have me impressed. a bit unexpected... i hear female backing vocals, a pedal steel perhaps, and some serious twangish soul coming out. sort of like lying under a bed of small town texas stars...if i actually did go camping, this may actually fit in if only for one second. Jeff Mangum and everything Elephant 6 will most definitely dominate any sitting around a fire moments i have.. soo. GIrls: Everything about the lyrics is what we'd expect.. all about the broken heart, the lost love, searching for the high of just plain normalcy or the drug/buzz/crush that will let us escape from the dark place we all refer to when we look at ourselves. if i had the lyrics in front of me i'd quote it, but for now, ill just say thankyou. you got me. you got us all.

in other random news, its thanksgiving weekend. starting RFN~! Right Fucking NOw!! i'm dog sitting and house sitting, and both are still alive and well. BONUS!! tomorrow i go out to see the folks. Thursday the family.. I love it when my mom puts on her sirius radio in the mornings instead of news. its calming, and she will always pop up with some obscure reference to a band she heard... and its always quite awesome.. also quite enjoyable for someone without a telly: HD muthafuck! i will get to watch football all day and stuff my face with sweet potatoes and turkey and everything under the great big holiday sun. woo hoo! so yeah, its time to go out, come out, and get out. if only for a couple of days. being in the middle of nowhere is really something i could never do as a living situation, but to listen to your dreams under a bright clear sky of stars without the city noise or haze is kind of alluring. there's always a new reference point and new fantasy to be devoured.

BTW, has anyone else noticed how music lovers and sports fans are usually packaged into one person? Anyone read Chuck Klosterman? i've kind of seen this ellipse of music geeks and sports geeks..where the middle is the most dominant part..seriously! don't wanna analyze it..or relate the two at the moment.. just wanna appreciate it, and say, fuck yea a good games a good game! and i hope to see good games this week. *sidenote-can't wait for NBA post season

also looking forward to year end top ten/top 100/best of lists, etc.. maybe i'll even participate at some point.. its all about the recap and nostalgia of the year, and not that i've got better things to say, looking at the future, I"m not above it, i totally get off on that ill try to put something together. it keeps me grounded. i have to be grounded to move forward, and yes that makes sense..right??

i can't fucking believe its almost 2011.

ok, out for now.. eat all you can kids... hook em and shit!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

totally random and prolly won't be about music at all.

pre titled post. just have so much to say, and not sure if i am going to bring music into it, but IDFK really , there's a lot going on in the elfin brain. neurotransmitters are firing..sometimes actually landing on the right receptor..

* tonite was genius. an atypical tuesday nite.. went to coffee shop/food/bar spiderhouse and met up with HQ boy and HQ girls...i like it when different sets of friends get on

* my parents i absolutely adore. they are the best TTM!

*danced in HQ boys living room to Bruce Springsteen Youtube videos..Dancin in the dark and Born to Run. i hate saying epic, obviously, but shit Born to Run as a video, as an experience in my head.. was actually epic. how does it feel to have such a seemingly good time with your bandmates, high kicking, back to back playing, swaggering confidently to a stadium full of double armed yelling mfuckers and christlike praise?!?! again IDFK, but staged or not, those E streeters and the boss had fucking fun.

*ive not one dirty piece of clothing.. laundry conquered.. and i realize i enjoy clean PJs just as much, if not more, than clean sheets.

*i think that just general years spent on earth usually outweigh actual experiences. for example, i feel a lil more capable of seeing things in a different (i didnt' say better, just different..better, well, who knows?) manner than someone 10 yrs younger than myself. And yes, i have interactions with this age group all the time. and yes, perhaps youthful fame, sickening trauma involving death or death on earth (imagine what you will), and an inherited surname could be excluded..

*i see myself riding on a subway home, bleary eyed, yet with a nervous itch in my tummy waiting to spew with giddiness and the realization that I have in fact, done whatever it is i wanted to do.. But prolly it was spending time with a fictional "you"

*satisfaction won't come without facing lingering desires,. esp the ones that appear in your nightmares. and then resurface every waking second.

*i have an over reaction to coffee and the places i drink it most at. i never order enough, and i never leave satisfied. never/always. its like cigarettes.

*really would i have this much fun if i was your sister? i just count on being that valuable i suppose?

*ariel pink and matt fishbeck have me ...lyrics that i can decipher are here: "you can talk about the way you understand me. but i don't think you really understand me. go ahead and write my whole life story. sell it to my mother,for a good reaction, I'm sure she'd love to know....." sorta hopeless

WOW, ok..holy christ and then

"let every man sing his tune..note the changes in his voice... listen carefully and rejoice... " sorta hopeful

WOW realizing and feeling someTHING, and then..

" walking up the avenue i hear the bells chime.....ringing into my step and i feel so fine, knowing theres a place for me to ease my mind, knowing theres no reason to be unkind, oh the places we could go.." screw hope this is real!

*I adore deciphering songs like i did just above. i may not know two shits about the real meaning of this song but i sure as hell want to make it into a story. i also want my brothers to hear this song. this song reminds me of jeff mangum.

*Red Lights by Holy Fuck is sorta awesome. It had K-Spot still on the dancefloor, and my niece loooves the kitty cat vid.

*got wind of a Wavves/Best Coast collaboration for Target. super enticing. i hope its about the dollar spot or the fancy christmas chocolate sale going on as we speak.

* too much on my mind right now, but glad to dream a lil dream with fast typing hands and a virtual notebook i call my twinkletoes.


Monday, November 15, 2010

the itch to hitch

weddings are actually quite fun to DJ when people know how to moonwalk. not just the groom but the groom's daughter, sister, brother, mother,and father. i've never seen a family get down so much..except maybe when my dad and uncle are on guitar and bass, and everyone knows the words to both covers and originals from....whenever. Jen played Kicks tonite. and i thought about when i played the keys to Paul Revere and the Raiders with my Daddy. I missed it. i love that song. these lyrics c'mon:

Girl, you thought you found the answer on that magic carpet ride last night
But when you wake up in the mornin' the world still gets you uptight
Well, there's nothin' that you ain't tried
To fill the emptiness inside
But when you come back down, girl
Still ain't feelin' right

And don't it seem like
Kicks just keep gettin' harder to find
And all your kicks ain't bringin' you peace of mind
Before you find out it's too late, girl
You better get straight

No, but not with kicks
You just need help, girl

Well you think you're gonna find yourself a little piece of paradise
But it ain't happened yet, so girl, you better think twice
Don't you see no matter what you do
You'll never run away from you
And if you keep on runnin'
You'll have to pay the price

wow,you'll never run away from you...don't overthink it. STOP IT! other news, if you've never seen jana hunter w/ the lower dens, please do so promptly. K-Spot and myself went to see Future Islands and lower dens friday of the best shows of the year, and its fucking november. Year end list to come, BTW, but for now, this one is making a good run for top 3. SO go do it, if you are even reading this and you live somewhere within 5 hours driving distance, i recommend taking the trip. You will most certainly be elated the entire way home.

fun wedding playlist tonite, just for grins:

The Beatles: I wanna Hold your Hand
Al Green: Let's Stay Together
Passion Pit: I've Got Your Number
Michael Jackson: Wanna Be startin Somethin
Millionyoung: Calrissian
Rolling Stones: Start Me Up
The Kinks: waterloo sunset
OMD: If You leave
Sebastien Tellier: Divine
Prince: I would Die For You
Bruce Springsteen: Dancing In the Dark
MGMT: Kids
Run DMC, Franz Ferdinand, The Knack: mashup TDF!!

only regret of the evening:
no sad Team Fab wedding photo to document. *sidenote, we're really not that sad ;)

alright, its been a weekend, and lugging around PA speakers and gear has me in need of a kick, AKA sleeeeepytime. gnite all <3

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

funfunfun weekend

happens all the time, whether it be before a fashion show, DJ gig, SXSW, a music fest, a vacation...I get sick. lay in bed all week sick. Last week was no different. Had plenty of time to rest and cross my fingers and toes that i'd be well enough to go to funfunfun fest with a full and healthy spirit. Luckily by Friday morning (Day 1) i was good to go. Not much to see except weird Al, which i didn't even watch. but it didn't matter cuz i got to hang with my favorite girls..Jen, Krissie, and my sister in law, but still my sister Leah. Let the weekend highlight form:


-Jeff the Brotherhood: i didn't know two shits about these dudes. but seeing the two of them performing was awesome..i walked in on the last couple of songs, but now i'm kinda hooked

-The Antlers: as promised, beautiful, intense, dismal yet uplifting.. and the sound filled the park. Props to funfunfun for the last minute addition because they turned out to be a highlight.

-Wavves: for the first time live. Excellent set, i can listen to most of all the old album, and most def straight through the new one, and was pleased with all the choices.. But WTF with the volume? yet again, like Girls at ACL, how about a lil bit of amplification folks. Sincere and adorable with the crowd. Nathan needed a beer and traded a joint for a 24 oz tecate with a fan. He assured that they had plenty more weed. i expected a more excited crowd..but again, its tough without audible noise.

-Os Mutantes: well, i have an obsession with Brazil and this band has been making music for ages....first heard on a mix tape from boy i was dating several years ago. They broke into mean rock guitar solos under a haze of psychadelia and tropicana..they kept me on my toes. brazil always does.

-Man Man: shoulda watched more. but resting and sidewalk socializing (instead on gravel) backstage with every fucking scenester person in austin apparently took a bit of time, and didn't get everything done. Food and beer need consumption too.

-Delorean: the band i stalked during sxsw,i have much love for "Deli" and "Monsoon" but a lot of older tracks but was met with new and unfamiliar tunes at that particular festival. since then new songs have grown on me. perfect crowd for a dance band, glow necklaces and everything. and my favorite jogging keyboardist on the happy for these guys...they deserve the bigger crowds and kept the fun coming.. PS- great light show

-MGMT: first time to see live! Oracular Spectacular was a seriously meaningful album to was one of those "get me thru this godddamn depressive breakup state i'm in " albums...i rode around the streets of san francisco listening to it with Raya, thinking, hey, things are gonna be for the moment, ok. and it was most certainly moment to moment then.. anyhow..definitely stoked to see live. Not let down. at that point was having crazy sisterly moments with my girls and doing that dance hug thing that looks really gay, but actually does kinda mean something.


-Black Nasty: absolutely the best way to start the day. without question. Black nasty has collaborated with several indie artists, and he receives death threats. But you know what, sack up, he has a lot of shit to say. PLZ listen to shark tank. if you are offended i'm sorry. truly.. i just think he's either taken too seriously or not taken seriously enough. enough of that talk..Team Fab, Gino, and the K-Spot and Leah laughed our asses off. Its funny to see your friends up there singing about doing it up the butt, festishes, and straight up jizz in the face.. Standouts were...fuckin A the whole set was a standout. congrats kids.

-Toro Y Moi: caught a bit of the action from the sidestage for this one. pretty amazing to watch so close. it was def a chill set, kinda matched the weather.

-Cults: long hair dudes, and lady.. all dressed in black. another decent addition to the fest. had their shit together.

-Best Coast: um, i love this band. i know there's a lot of singing about dudes and weed and cats and general dissatisfaction.. but get a group of girls together and whats likely to enter the conversation? dudes, cats, dissatisfaction, and coping strategies. weed, TV, wine, exercise, prayer.. whatever. i do'tn agree with people who say best coast is my opinion bethany can sing about whatever the fuck she wants to...its stilly a beachy blast, even if you're not high. mucho singing along for this set.

-Deerhunter: most anticipated act of festival. it was pretty awesome. Expected to hear all of Halcyon Digest, but set peppered with older songs. longed for "Hazel St." and "Basement Scene" but it doesn't matter, its fucking Deerhunter. no lights, playing as shadows. lovely. i almost got lost.. i wanted to get lost... but most certainly not a letdown. a longer time slot woulda been really nice.

Weekend highs:
-attending a festival that's actually easy to get around with HQ bands and people
-Best coast guitarist stopping set to swig off the whiskey bottle in his backpack
-high fiving my favorite spaniard AKA delorean keys dude.
-Delorean saying we "De-yay" at beauty bar tonite.. AKA DJ awww..language barriers
-making friends with security homeboy
-meeting two members of wavves
-jen meets milo
-Seeing austin icon Leslie fully clothed for once eat a piece of pizza out of a trashcan.. 2 seconds later pulled a gnawed on turkey leg out of another trashcan and started chowing away. my stomach hurt from laughing.
-free beer and free burritos
-black nasty
-aftershow at mohawk with sonny and the sunsets..
-hanging out with blip friend igetfreepie
-seeing buffy
-clean port o lets
-K spot yelling penis! and being rewarded with vagina!
-jen getting on my shoulders for the descendents
-getting drilled

weekend lows:
-shitty sound at wavves
-missed most of man man
-missed most of jeff the brotherhood
-no afterparty dancing
-jen's camera lost
-egos and general douchebaggotry
-short sets
-my little bro not being around...but i had my sister

ok, i'm late for a meeting with ...guess who?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

finally seeing Wavves!

i have hope kids. and even though he went to a studio for his followup, and we all love the gritty fuck out of the bedroom recording sound, i mean its all the rage, have you heard that shit yet?!?! wavves and crew picked the right studio, the right producer, and obviously, the right weed. everything is still raw, plenty of feedback and strewn guitars, muddled vocals... just a little tinge of polish. I have this vintage hand mirror that's dusty as hell, old as shit, cracked....but it has so much character, I keep it around.. and with a little WIndex rubdown, its quite kitchy and has a lot of spunk. yes, its still perma strained but if i wanted a fucking new mirror i'd go to Target right, fuckies?? yeeeahhh!! so. yes that was an attempt to compare wavves recording efforts to an outdated hand held mirror. No i'm not high. Anyways,watch the short film about his experience in the studio...its pretty awesome. i'll try post it..i think its on pitchfork tv. super duper looking forward to seeing wavves weekend. i'm hoping for a singalong.

Epic is a four letter word.

i'm so fucking tired of the overuse of this fucking word. it should die an epic death. why is everything awesome now epic? i'm guilty of using it and writing it on occasion but seriously, its starting to make my stomach fucking turn. yes i love four letter words also, but this ones got to go. Epic parties! epic fun! epic songs! epic scenes! shits gonna be epic! WTF?! give it a rest. never took the the whole bananas thing either, but really we don't need to make everything cool,somewhat interesting, funny, large in size, neat, off the beaten path, innovative, savvy, or pleasurable "epic." Admittedly, i dont judge anyone for using it, its pretty much a buzz word, and its all over the place..i'm bitching about its overuse not the people who use it.

according to a more-reliable-than-not website, the proper definition of epic is: < heroic, larger-than-life (very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale)) "an epic voyage"; "of heroic proportions"; "heroic sculpture" >

Obviously the word has power,if not takes the reigns and defines it. My mind wanders to times when i use the word most, and i lead straight to either music or perfectly penned scenes in movies. Perhaps getting married is an epic occasion, or giving birth..wait isn't that a miracle? either way...i have only one story to live and i've only seen so much... so.. according to this definition,the last time i appropriately used the word was when i saw Arcade Fire perform live at ACL a few years ago. YEARS. That show was larger than life to me. calling it a show doesn't do it justice, it was a fucking performance. regine was heroic on the keys, flailing around like an she was being exsorcised. Rafters were climbed, every song was an anthem. Of course i've seeen many great shows since then. I saw many before. Each is special in their on way...good, bad, moving,boring,awe inspiring... But the Arcade Fire put on a production worthy of epic. That also said, just because it was epic, doesn't mean it was the best show i've ever seen... but it did surpass the ordinary in an extraordinary way. And that is epic to me. a word we all know and have usually dismissed until...lately. GRRR!!!

Rambling on...ranting more...I guess everyone has their own associations to certain words...maybe these are words like cunt or wastebasket or tacky. Some words just sit well with people while sitting uncomfortably with someone else. Apparently epic is having its way with me. its the new alternative..but shit, that term stuck around and became a washed out and rained on umbrella term for sub culture. and obviously it took away meaning. oh epic, people are sucking you dry, and as much as i hate a lot of the assholes that keep using you, i love my guilty self and the non assholes a whole lot more. so before the plague of epic turns upon itself, may i suggest some other ways to describe fun things? how about dazzling,grand,can't fucking miss,knocked my socks off...etc etc... amazing and awesome are fine too. badass is fantastic.

see, this is what TMI does to me.. Too much internet.. i'm all huffy about a stupid word that everyone including me uses, i've been sick all week and without a telly... the world at my fingertips, its been lot of wasted internetting but srsly if i had a penny for the # of times on each website i saw the word epic, i'd have a chunk of change of e**c proportions. WTF. fuck it. FUNFUNFUNFEST is this weekend!

Monday, November 1, 2010

candy claws, millionyoung (thanks K-Spot), deerhunter, cults,and grandchildren. i want nothing else right now musically. on a more personal note, if you wanna gimme fiction, these nightmares and wanderlust thoughts would quit. but they don't seem to be stopping. so its a fact, elfgirl land is guilty without reasonable doubt...of confusion, suffocation, and negative analysis. i would hope to really be satisfied with just being happy with what i have. But i'm realizing i can't. i don't know if i should blame the sadistic media, my own musings, or the general fairytales i create about anyone else's life but mine.. either way, i need something else. i want to see myself changing every day..making little advances. (<--FUTURE ISLANDS!!!) i talk and talk, but can't take myself on a walk. so i will fly to portland, travel to atlanta with Krissie, text my boss in new york, and just be with my thoughts. try to figure it out. cuz right now, i have to think bigger than what i'm presuming i'm capable of. Team Fab made it into Nylon magazine this month. instead of champagne we drank Lone Star in celebration. a shitty picture and a blurb about DJing is really awesome when its in print. at least for us! all smiles... Also in Nylon's America issue: Boston,Nashville, Portland, blah blah, i havent even read the entire damn thing. but definitely some food for thought. anyways, a big shout out to my HQ friends whose ears i talk all the way off about this shit.. maybe i'll have something more interesting to say now that ive written it all out and can get off my own soap about some Fun Fun Fun?!?!g'nite yalls.

Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend warriors

i drove home from a miraculously weird evening..covered in dos equis and sweat from strangers. but i shall explain. spent a fantabulous weekend in bryan/college station with K-spot and my sister in law, plus 5 other girls...yes i said 7 girls in one house.. wowza! I learned that i'm really not girlie at all, i should probably take care of my skin better, and that i can smoke cigarettes "on vacation" and not make it something that has to seep in to normal routine...this is good. its good that i can set boundaries on my vices and stick to my guns. back on track after tonite... and gonna pay for it in a straight up BTW (balls to the wall by the way) work week. so as long as i can get thru this week of manual labor, i will indulge in a wonderful weekend november 7-9 AKA fun fun fun fest. Team Fabrication was asked to design/fabricate a DEVO inspired T-shirt for Transmission Entertainment...creators of the festival ...rendering me full access to fun X 3. let's hope we can find time to squeeze in the sewing and fabric shopping together....its always better that way...more blogs on FFF to come.. In other news..had a meeting with a bride and groom ETA a week after FFF fest..everythign went smoothly, should be a piece of cake, and a smaller, younger crowd means a lot. it also means "we don't want any country because our parents like the rolling stones and prince and hall and oats" OMG, thank you veeerrry much! what a lifesaver..and a big plus is that the actual ceremony music will be handled by an ipod. i couldn't be happier with the couple to be. its one of those nonchalant weddings where the bride and groom would rather see people having fun than stress out about that GODDAMN ONE PERFECT SONG that has to be played.. srsly, let's get the traditionals outta the way and then get the shit on straight. its gonna be good. in other very important news, listened to Lower Dens from Baltimore this weekend.. krissie and i went to see Future islands at Deville less than a year ago.. we liked the openers but didn't know WTF they were.. sure enough K-Spot researches and breaks out with the full length lower dens and confirmation that we both enjoyed the shit out of then unknown to us band...for the way in and the way home..YES!! home route: i lamely play iphone girl and manage to access the internets in the cuts and wouln't you know it, Lower Dens are opening yet again for future islands..and Astronautilus is playing outside (prolly spelled that wrong, but shit). super excited for this nite...Astroman has never let me down in a live environment..freestyling and flowing..gentlemans insane..counting the seconds.
-must make mix of old elephant 6 recordings for krissie cuz damnit that new cloud nothings she played for me is so genius.. and i heard influences out my ass...stuff i want to get all nostalgic and gaytarded about..who better would i do that with?!?!
-must listen to more kesha (i prolly misspelled that)
-tonite i went to a gay latino nite that happens every sunday in the ATX. My friend grisel asked me to go since she deems sundays sungays.. haha. I love that in existence was a pretty hot dance routine that everyone knew..and that it only took two tries for me to almost master that shite. Thanks to my grizzle! must dance more.
-saw my gunner tonite and discussed his new recording school project about muted bass drums and why that happens and why that is totally wrong most of the time
-listened to sea wolf and starfucker on the way home and decided that Starfucker is amazing is either underrated or pussyrated (most likely pussy rated since when i went to see them at mohawk, everybody was 20 or some shit)...either route is wrong, and they are TFA y'all.
totally fucken awesome

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i heard good stuff today

i heard the kid cudi, best coast, and vampire weekend song.."All Summer" probably something everyones heard and i'm the last, blah blah... but one of my favorite blipsters daretoeatapeach TCB'd on that today and i reblipped it twice. had to make sure craigz had heard it cuz shit was amazing... bethany stood out vocally from the get go, and i can't believe what an amazing mixmash of artists it is...shit, i fucking hate summer. maybe this is the end of it.. one genius song to say goodbye.. i have my "So Long Summertime" mix from K-Spot, which i adore (lots of twin shadow, palmbomen, and a song by the virgins that is TDF) here is the icing on an already delicious cake. been looking into my lastfm recs lately and i found a nice one today...Candy Claws..i find it ironic that with a name like Candy Claws (fearful, menacing, abrasive in my book) can make such relaxing tunage. some of my recs were so literally beachy (AKA waves from the ocean/sleep machine/please play this during my massage tomorrow) but candy claws stood out....maybe the percussion? must listen more, but i feel a calming obsession coming on.. ciao for now loves.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Elf Power

a sunday nite in austin texas usually means nothing more than staying home or goths nite out..AKA 80's dancing at Elysium, where i spent probably 50 consecutive sundays each year when i was 24-26. let's just say fond memories. not necessary to be goth, but you get the gist.. and you sure did get it when the B52s hour came on. shit sucked honestly ewww! but nonetheless i loved my sunday nites of yesteryear quite a bit.....old OMD, pet shop boys,FKW, Psychadelic was all lingerie (usually of the black or white persuasion) all the time. not goth, but elfgirl. and that was when i could actually i feel all angular and weird. not sure if its due to the skinny arms or feeling older than, but yeah, doesn't seem to be my jam anymore...but you know, on occasion, 80s nite works. Tonite, being a sunday i was excited not for dancing, but to see one of my all time favorite bands Elf Power. Yes i've followed them for over a decade, and i've seen their audiences dwindle with each passing tour..yet i still go...and i am still rewarded. They dont sacrifice what most bands do...the die hards. AKA die hard songs or fans. I was on my first hit of ecstacy (well i was a pussy and took a half), prolly 22 years old, when my older bro introduced me to Elf Power.. I was lying in the grass and heard my first elf power song: "Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home." It was incredible to say the least...i can't even begin to describe the Elf Power obsession that came of the evening...or the subsequent falling in love with all things related to the Elephant 6 Recording Company/collective out of Athens, Ga. Tonite Elf Power played a song from their very first release "vainly clutching at the phantom limbs". sure i wish i woulda heard Temporary Arm or All your Experiments, but for a band in this stage of the game, rolling around the country in a van after all these play something off the first release is pretty amazing and endearing to me. A few original members still play, but must give props to the new drummer...shit was very good. i'm no music theorist or genius but his time signatures or whatever were completely different than what i was used to hearing off the albums, and the tamborine came in at unexpectedly perfect points. brilliant. always wanting more keys and bass in the mix, but for a band that doesn't necessarily rely on those aspects, the guitars and sweeet vocals made up for it... admittedly i missed the accordian... i didn't hear Jane or Secret Ocean. BUT still i was so impressed...and was so happy to have seen them again. Even bought merch. tshirt coveted if not only for love, but for my (probably still) belief in the notion of the elves, fairies, and mystical world Elf Power sings so earnestly about. I stuck with a CD instead...first release. Jeff Mangum coming onstage woulda been amazing but hey, you get all the e6 you can on a sunday nite ;) I was overjoyed to be accompanied by K-Spot, who wasn't as famaliar w/ EP as i was. But she knew i was geeking out, and stood by me all the way. even took the "take my picture with you please" picture with Andrew Reiger and told him he was making a funny face and we should shoot one more. GAWD, i love her!! post shot, we were headed home and wouldn't you know it, a new leaf on the dancing scene was turned over. We walked into a near empty Barbarella (famous this past year for 80s on fridays and new indie on saturdays) . well, we decided it was one more drink before home time on "Disco" (WTF?) sundays. Requested Atomic by Blondie and were rewarded immediately. It sure is fun when its only you and one other person on a giant dancefloor. prancing around like dorses..Hall and Oates prolly like 5 times, and Krissie's old drill team routines spontaneously erupting out or her already badass dance repertoire. I think i missed my calling as a dancer in highschool cuz that shit was fuuuuuuuun!! we danced for over an hour, just poppin in on our way home..some dude even two stepped with me! finally, jeez i've been craving a two steppin dance, or any dance that involves a bit of a skill or a count. Not that i know how, but i don't have to lead, shit! so Krissie made me dance to some steve earl song with said dude and that was nice...woulda probably made my dad proud.. don't ask my ass why that song was even played, who cares, right?!?! worked up a nice groove to disco/mostly non disco tunes, where we could be as free and fulfilled as we wanted. judging by the sweaty hugs at the end, we were certainly and vivaciously satisfied. SO...seeing as how this nite was meant for nostalgia and old hits..i feel full of love...fond memories of songs heard past, new dance moves to old tunes (dance practice w/ K-Spot coming to a venue in the ATX very soon!)I learned that with the right company and the right elves, you can have a grand time on a sunday nite here in ATX even if yer over 30. xo

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

festivus maximus

further rants about ACL were promised but after stumbling upon sunday VIP tix, i will refrain and only speak about the lovliest of times. not that i have $850 to throw down on vip at this caliber of a festival, it sure does make me not want to go again w/o it. As snobby as it sounds, I've said it before and i'll say it again...huge festivals just aren't really worth it in the end unless you are backstage or VIP. Yes i work in music, haha. So yeah sunday...Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeroes retained a Christlike presence over the idolizing crowd. Flags from around the world were waving, and hands were pumping in the air. This band in sheer size, mentality, and energy is just epic. Alex even walked on the crowd several times. (did i mention jesus?!?) What was wonderful and unique was that during the famous jane/alexander mimickery at the end of the song...the words were mention of falling, breaking ass, smoking the cigarette you thought would be your last, etc...the band took this time to speak not to each other, but to the crowd, using collective words such as we, us, and everyone. The love was obviously mutual between band and crowd. not enough bands seem humble enough to me. Heres a grand exception. Post show, caught a bit of the henry clay people...i do honestly believe that "For Cheap or for Free" is one of the most underrated albums of last year. "I will be timeless, and you can be famous... and in the end we'll see which one of us starts changing" <---from my favorite song "You Can Be Timeless." and now a few words about Yeasayer.. oh wait, FUCK i didn't see yeasayer. that's the one drawback of our extra perk status...we cashed in more on the shade, gourmet eats, and free liquor of many persuasions.. it just didn't seem worth it to trek across the park when we could hang out, not rush, and meet some superduper interesting people who were in austin just for the festival. i coulda missed the best fucking show of the festival, be it Yeasayer or Flaming Lips (although i'm willing to bet i certainly did not) due to the atmosphere and relaxation and energy of music lovers just hanging out under shady trees, meeting up and chatting. Now dont get me wrong, i wouldn't have missed Beach House or Girls or Edward Sharpe, etc for the fancy hoopla, but having it did admittedly make me a lazy music geek ;) Last was the Eagles. Yep, never thought we woulda posted up for the whole set, but we did for a good 45 minutes. And we became the annoying dumbasses i always complain about at festivals. yes, i complain when i see people stripping of their clothes dancing all around and acting like/being on drugs, who cares if yer on drugs watch where you're going damnit.GAWD!! anyways, so yeah, in some drunken, historic feeling, unified moment...watching the eagles was amazing..yes i danced, yes i removed a bit of clothing (tastefully of course..uh..i think) and took a lil hit of weed. K-spot even yelled "You're Still hot!!" at them, and jen made the daisy duke half top. it was full on belly shots and booty shots and bandanas. yeah. it worked out great.
SOOO in other news my new favorite song is "Eyesore" by Women. its taken me a bit to warm up to the new album. But i realize that it encompasses pretty much of what makes me like a lot of bands...intricate and intertwining guitars, buried vocals und the sea of beautiful, flowing, yet not clamorous noise...pretty lo fi. Chad Van Gaalen produced their first album, but Public Strain, the latest, still retains that velvety quality. I have to listen to it a few more times, just to hear all the instrumentation, deeply buried lyrics, etc...but at the end of the day, this album is more complex in structure and a lil beach boys-ish at times, a little more, well confusing, some may say experimental, but i'm no genius. And i think that's what makes it so brilliant. Women make me want to figure them out. This is a grand thing! China Steps and Eyesore are catchy as all hell. so yeah, i think that will be in heavy rotation this week as i lay low and recover from festival stimulation.

other random thoughts for now:
*Diplo remixed Deerhunter's Helicopter and i'm disappointed ;(
*I wonder what Girl Talk would sound like if chilled out a bit like Dan Black when he's making his "own" tunes
*WTF is up with this MyOpenBar "Bruise Cruise" going from Miami to the Bahamas?!?! i mean seriously this deserves a whole other blog..but can you imagine the black lips, the vivian girls, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Thee Oh Sees, The Strange Boys, Ty Segall, Jacuzzi Boys,and Turbofruits on a MFUCKING cruise ship?!? with waterslides, hot tubs, slot machines, 24hour room service, lawn chairs, and probably some astroturf?!?! Oh. Em. Gee. more on that later, and why i think i wanna go.i think.
*went to houston fashion week and a certain designer had the best fucking runway music that wasn't shazamable, DAMNIT!!!
*PS I Love you is brilliant. Its about fucking time we got our fix after "facelove" yeeah!!
*Gauntlet Hair is killin me right now, but its 430 AM. i must sleep. it will be there tomorrow. fuckin A and GOOOD NITE!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

festivus minimalist

sooo. its almost ACL weekend past. i felt the desire to blog about this for a few reasons. But right now the most important one: Me and Jen AKA Team Fabrication were asked to DJ an ACL afterparty with Dan Black. so we went to the venue and somehow i was hustled into arm wrestling this nice dude from DC who was in for the fest with college friends from Utah.aside from the fact that i love the idea of getting together every two years (as they said they did)they were extremely amiable and wonderful people. so wonderful that they offered their sunday VIP ACL passes to us for free. me, jen, and Krissie (K-Spot). More than happy to take part. for anyone interested, the arm wrestling was ended in a draw. nobody could win, even though i was talking a mean game, haha. so we're going tomorrow. with free food and drinks, all girls, talking shit/props/gossip about what we're gonna see. weeks end recap: Thursday nites spoon could not be beat. it was intimate and glorious, as a spoon show should be. Friday ACL left a bit to the imagination. after parking hassles and whatnot, we missed half of soft pack. But finally it was time to see Girls for the first time in my life. Def wished for more tempo but was charmed to the socks off degree by the end of the set. wish they woulda rocked out more and played with a bit more feedback as they did in the second half of the set.. but that just makes me curious and excited for the next album. and how adorable were the roses taped on each mic. Plus the standin keyboardist had a texas longhorns jersey on. Hookem MuFuck! so next was Beach House who completely brought the TTM effect. 1/2 a valium and a beer = me and k-spot ready to roll. it was glorious. and they were so gracious. Take Care was played, my abs was zebra, silver sould, oldies, and a new song and damn if they didn't say the crowd was beautiful and so were the breakfast tacos. haha. Luckily we'd seen spoon in a proper setting the nite before cuz that shit was unbearable. the amount of people there to see spoon was insane. same with black keys. so we didn't get to see spoon up close as we'd wished. but jim and britt were so graciously wonderful the nite really means more to see a band (like spoon or beach house) who are not ego trippin balls. speaking of...The Strokes. No bad feelings, well.. but shit, don't start your set 15 minutes late and be on drugs. its only 830, its not 100 degrees, you've got plenty of afterparty time. so post ACL saw Mates of State for free at Mohawk. Dance party on the balcony, yeaaah! so ACL made me realize that the shows don't mean shit unless they are small or you post up early enough to be close. FFF fest is so much better because the tix aren't oversold and you can completely navigate w/o missing a beat. plus the lineup is sick. bring it on November. either way, i am excited to go to acl tomorrow with free food, drinks, and perhaps a massage. it is relaxation day. no expectations, just hanging with the girls and our boyfriends (AKA music) anyways, so much more to rant about acl, but i'm tired. so i'll close with a happy thought of a good nites sleep and a lucky blessed day at acl tomorrow. some times i really do love this town, and especially the out of towners <3

Sunday, October 3, 2010

wedding and wastings...

Via the fabulous K-Spot, i realize now that Beach Fossils, Real Estate, and CLoud Nothings have albums coming out in two weeks. Super stoked. Plus even more stoked that i had some HQ time with HQ tonite..really excited about the class actress as well..on the DL tip (shhhh! don't say a word! DL meaning not just one the downlow, but on the download haha) ANyhow, this weekend was Matador Bday festaganza in vegas. DAMN i wish i woulda gone! but alas, my threshold for spontaneous endeavors is waay are funds. PLUS i must/can wait for the fest circuit to inundate our fair town with outta town lovers of a scene they may or may not idolize/fantasize/put on some fake ass pedestal, blah blah.. i live here, what do you expect ?!?! so its ACL week this week and FFF fest on the horizon. I have a friday tix to ACL and i do believe its the best day, lineup wise. so very excited for what I think the real show will be... thursday at the Mohawk. Spoon. yes, in a venue that isn't madison square garden, stubb's, or anywhere close to that. A Spoon show for the homies. the friends. the fans, the family. i promised Britt a steady flow of Tecate all nite long. ironically its usually him handing me one..haha. DAMN, if i'm not crazy excited about the intimacy of this show. and that i get to share it with K-Spot. so i'll put in my early nites and early mornings this week.. Task and reward. FTW, for the weekend, for the win! In other news, i saw two friends get married tonite, and everyone was required via invite to wear their favorite band/concert tshirt. i went with white rabbits, after searching for ages for my old Jesus and Mary Chain, washed to almost bra necessary thinness. either way..plain and simple..a beautiful ceremony that i was privileged to be invited to. took a sidestep down to danceville and was pleasantly surprised by Best Coast, Miike Snow, and Teengirl Fantasy, (CEO and Edward Sharpe are just long lost dreams i now see). either way, dancing is therapy and it was had tonite.(Thanks Krissie!) cuz weddings...well, i would not even wish a blog about weddings upon any of you reading. so let's just say,for what its worth, weddings done right don't have to make you cry..they can make you smile..esp when the first dance is to pat benetar. xo

Saturday, October 2, 2010

special affections

"i always thought you were really something else. i liked your presence there from far away"- simplicity is usually always bliss when it comes to lyrics. Especially with Diamond rings. New album coming out in a ocuple of weeks called Special Affections. The first Diamond Rings songs i heard was "All Yr Songs." in love at first listen. Again lyrically sweet and endearing... "cuz in the summer weather, we'll put sunscreen on together, i would not want your skin to burn" and of course the opposite season "cuz in the winter weather I'll lend you my warmest sweater.. i would not want you to get cold.." Its like mumblecore music, a bujowski film set to melodies. and i adore it. its made the mixtape for friends cut plenty of times. i woke up early one morning during sxsw 2010 and Diamond rings played for 15 people. i was in front and took a YouTube iphone video. shitty quality. my phone , not the tunes. Later in the eve saw him at cheerup charlies. and what an angel he sweet to the fans, posing for pics with me, Krissie, and Jen. And i will say, his unicorn t shirt, turquoise jeans, glittery, facepaint makeup with just a laptop and guitar.. he put himself out there and that takes balls to pull off. Diamond Rings has sincere balls. if that makes sense. can't wait to hear what's yet to come...geez how can i move to Canada? goodnite all <3

Thursday, September 30, 2010

ooh my dear deerhunter

dream a little dream all about the basement scene. this album "flows" as K-spot described to me. and damn bradford sings so sweetly and gently that who wouldnt be enamoured at his musings whether genuinely depressing/confusing or hopeful, wise, and optimistic/reflective. hearing it made me realize that "i don't wanna get old" but alas i am. however i question the idea of "getting old" WTF does that mean?!?! we always define old by the age we are. its all relative. old was 17 at one point.. during the Y or teen mag years. Now i realize that as long as my friends remember me, i am never gonna be old/get old/feel old. what a blessing that is. GODDAMN this album is genius.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

weekly date.

first and foremost, anyone reading this should go straight here
This is my number one musical partner in crime AKA the ever so lovely K-Spot, Krissie, Homegirl, etc i have referred to in past blogs. She's started a blog and trust me, you should listen to her. Your life WILL BE BETTER. Lucky me, I have listened to her in the form of countless mix cds over the past year we've been friends. If i had the fundage, i'd send a copy of each to everyone i know. Or even better, i'd ask her to partner up with me and we'd start a record label, a promotions company...or at least fly around the world and see whatever show or festival we wanted. But i'm not independently wealthy, unfortunately. Point is, she's shown me great bands, i like to think i returned the favor at one time or another, and its wonderful how we feed off each other so well. Its a peculiar bond we have, one that developed quickly out of circumstances beyond our control.... we were awash with turmoil, sadness, sickness, anger, and confusion a year ago, and i wouldn't have made it through without her. There was always one thing to take our minds off the madness of our shared experience: music. cliche as it sounds, blah blah, its truer than true. Whether we were geekin out on something new, dancing, or seeing shows, it was a perfect escape mechanism from the times, and a perfect time to become friends. And here we are, together in the blogosphere, and just a couple of hours away from our ritualistic tuesday nite hangout at Shang Ri La. Two dollar Tuesdays yo! Its our time to catch up, question everything that's right and wrong with our lives, and talk about bands. Most definitely a weekly highlight. The good news is that now, If i want K-Spot on a Monday, i can have her on this here blog site. woo hooo! once i get all fancy pants and such i'll even link her up to me, if she'll have me ;)

Recent R &Rs:

Regrets: missed Twin Shadow on Friday, Gayngs album not as awesome as i envisioned, didn't impulsively buy plane ticket to Scion Garagefest in Lawrence, Kansas this weekend.

Reward: "Peace in the Valley" by Dawes, GL for Spoon at the mohawk on LD, successfully DJing a wedding, sneaking in Weezer "Surf Wax America, and watching the groomsmen go apeshit ;)

bye for now!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


dilemma of the evening: Harlem vs The Drums. DUH, go see the drums. but wait, i really like harlem much better even though i've seen em a dozen times. fuck it.drinks are cheaper, venue is better. K-Spot tipped the scales. Done and duh, harlem it was. They brought it. fresh off tour. sooo superduper tight, songs deftly tweaked and Blue did an amazing job with sound. so refreshing to see the boys back home before hittin up the matador vegas extravaganza i wish i could teleport myself to w/o spending a dime. So yeah, crowd was amazing, sans drunk ass twice stage diving into concrete...(YES< i said concrete, nobody wanted to catch yer ass) mofo who really took shit to the extreme. gaaaawd. come down please sir, we just want to enjoy the show. not that i can't get into that shit, but really, this dude was the only fuck i've ever seen get onstage with harlem (to their credit, they took it like champs!) and take pics in their fuckin faces. and whatever drugs he was on, he'd obviously taken every last bit of em and had none to share, hee hee. BTW, give it a rest you are not at an aeriel pink show and nobody is gonna youtube that shite. anyhow, so glad we mde the choice to see harlem. the banter was witty as usual, and i think the sobriety was higher cuz that shit sounded amazing and there was no innerband makings fun of each other for fuckin up. THank GOD the bass was turned up, new harmonies were invented, and well, they were just the same harlem yet elevated. Can't go wrong. Tonite was pretty fuckin amazing. and well, i hope everyon at The Drums had as much fun.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


so. it was a first tonite. DJ gig with one of my favorite local bands The Laughing, Incredible show, but not the first.. The real deal was though, an interview with MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE magazine Nylon in the works. Not sure how or why this whole interview/photoshoot came to be, but i will admit that the tunage and the frocks are sorta my thing. And Nylon had come to the ATX to interview the scene, and somehow Team Fabrication made the cut. And Nylon is a publication that encompasses my for way lack of a better term, passion for both. completely on the up and up on the whatsgoingsons in terms of parties i'd like to attend, food i'd like to eat, bands i'd like to see, clothes i'd want to layer, etc forever.... plus half the bands i like are from brooklyn, and well, the nylon offices are not but a coupla trainstops away. plus the spreads are always TDF!!! to die for. so anyways, not gonna talk too much about something that shouldn't be talked too much about..mostly for fear of ruining what a fabulous nite it was (despite my swearing/acronyms/lack of ability to convey my opinion and attitude about the whole thing ...the whole thing being how i felt about fashion, austin, music, etc..... but whatever) i think it went really well! i just don't wanna write too much cuz really maybe we were annoying, or not as exciting as teh GODDAMNED huge list of bands/ppl they were scheduled to hang out with while here. anyhow, Jen really took the reigns and we really worked well together. Usually it is me who does the bulk of the interviews..but tonite she shined, and i was so proud of her. and i guess it comes from years of knowing someone to collaborate and communicate and cut each other off and tell each other to fuck off at just the right moment. it makes sense. if we were a band wed be perfect tourmates. anyways, we'll see what comes of our moment in the sun, something or nothing. either way, it felt good that we'd stuck to our guns for all these years, and someone outside the regs noticed. and trust me i love the regs, but it can hurt to see the irregular side of things once in a while. more to come... xo

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

music and coffee and cigatrettes

my first day of being smoke free was today! i feel so proud of myself, its kinda nutz! i had a wisdom tooth pulled and was unable to smoke, drink beer, use a straw, chew stuff.. generally felt like shit and slept thru the pain with some ipuprophen and hydrocodone. i followed the guidelines strictly. i was a good girl. then the day came when i was allowed to have a cigarette. i refrained for fear of dry sockets. and then the next day was "Vice Day" i drank two glasses of wine and smoked 3 cigarettes 5 days after my extraction. the cig tasted lame. was it stale? or did i eject a little monster from my system for a few days long enough to make the smoke taste bad. i hope i will never know. i decided that maybe i could smoke only when i drink.. and how convenient that i was going to be goin out and drinking pretty much every nite that week due to seeing my bro and sister off out of town, dancing, shows, whathaveyou. and i realize that it was easier and convenient that way. all the while i was reading Allen Carr's famous book about quitting smoking. it was making a lot of sense. the principals are really interesting, very basic and i was intrigued by the simplicity of the ideas. if i follow the book i realize that i have to look at cigarettes as something that don't bring me pleasure, as a crutch i DON"T NEED. Smokikng doesn't enhance situations. i could go on and on but after reading the book and seeing teh studies, its really true. why do all smokers envy non smokers? smoking feels pleasureable but really pleasure is not having that fucking foul itch and craving to smoke in the first place. at least that's what i if i don't think cigarettes bring pleasure and are actaully hurting me, why would i even want to smoke when i'm drinking? that's when we get to associations.. how many shows have i seen that i feel have been enhanced by the puff of a cigarette? plenty. how many times have i associated the idea of being creative, playing music, sewing, generating great ideas that require commitment and concentration....with smoking? even more plenty.. how many conversations seemed more real when a cigarette was involved? a lot. especially in college, when i was really getting into the whole i dea of new music, being away from home, putting myself out there, being confident in who i was....cigarettes were always there to keep me have a reason to sit and spark up a conversation with make a friend. what do you do when you feel cool for the first time in your life because you are doing your own thing and you go to a show? you smoke. and you feel uncomfortable without a smoke because you're just standing there in all your new found confidence that is also a lil bit scary since you're not used to it...and well, you're A-Ok becasue you are there with yourself and your cigarette being fine and feeling good checking out a band you just discovered, feeling that the smoke represents independence. Maybe it did at one point for me, but i refuse to believe that i need a cigarette now to feel confident. shit, college is way long gone and at age 33, i think i've grown up and learned how to assert my independence. i don't need a crutch. i've learned that my body is God given healthy and happy and capable of feeling pressure and going thru both stressful and happy times without a cigarette...i know its the associations that are going to be the hardest. its going to be dancing, when smoking actually (ha) gives you a breather. The shows and feeling how wonderful it feels to stand so close and see a band you adore perform so loudly, so've waited months for this show. and its here. So we shall see how this goes.. But if i may go on a lil self reminder for a moment, i've crafted a few things i need to remind myself before i start hittin up the streets again. 1) i don't the the crutch of nicotine to live. happy/sad/stressful situations i've survived w/o cigs, i am entirely capable now too! 2) Smoking doesn't bring me pleasure.. in fact its killing me. it breaks my concentration instead of enhancing it, it brings on more stress than it reduces because i'm jsut going to stress about when i can have the next one. the amt of enjoyment i tell myself i get from smoking is miniscule to the amount of uncomfortable i get from wanting a cigarette and not being able to have one. think about it. it sucks when you can't have a cig and really fucking want one. the itch blows. 3) Smoking doesn' keep me closer to people. i can't associate relationships, close friends, fond memories of college, shows, parties, boyfriends, etc with cigarettes. the cigarette didn't make the relationship better or more meaningful , and it didn't make the music sound better. In fact, its physically impossible to hug someone your hardest when you have a smoke in hand. cigarettes keep me from connecting to people, not remaining closer. 4) the nicotine trap. everytime i don't smoke, i'm reducing cravings and killing the little monster inside me that wants another one. the monster is dying right now because i've not smoked all day and will continute to die. I"M STRONGER THAN THE MONSTER, and i won't be brainwashed that its enjoyable to smoke anymore. I dont' want to be a drug addict, a slave to nicotine. 5) How good does it feel to be a non smoker? well i felt awesome today after jogging and coffee knowing that my body would survive w/o. i wanted one at work a little bit but reminded myself how fucking proud i'd be if i went all day w/o a smoke. so i didn't. I don't have to be in a nicotine prison if i don't want to be, and ik feel powerful to break free from the jail! i'm Nelson Mandela, whoo hooo!! People who smoke want to do it too, i'm the envy of the smokers, who wish they could quit, yeah, go go go !
but so yeah, i will limit my smoking blogs to few.. most likely posted after shows where i may or may not smoke cigarettes at...we shall see. but for now, i am loving this day and lookking forward to waking up tommorrow..Cigarettes take the genuine me out of me, and i dont' want that. they don't make me a whole person, or the person i already see myself as or want to become.... they don't make me special, unique, cool], have more credibility, hip, intelligent, outgoing, creative, driven...none of these qualities are due to cigarettes. any of them that i possess i do for a reason, because i'm me, not because i'm a smoker. or an ex smoker? There isn't a void smoking fills or a quality that smoking gives me. except yellow teeth and irratibility when i don't have one. so for now and hopefully longer than now, i'm done... i deserve more credit than that, more life than that, fuckin A!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

beach fossils knocked my socks off

i'm a little drugged up on post wisdom tooth removal meds, but i didn't wanna end the day w/o raving about the amazing fucking show Beach Fossils put on last nite. They were opening for Here We go Magic, but me and the K-Spot were there for one reason only. Not let down. right up front. bassist john took his shoes off. same with drummer. proper reverb on vocals. it was just right. renewed my faith in the soundsystem at emo's. I see waaay to many sold out shows there, and i'm usually forced to the outside stage left area...and it sometimes isn't even worth it.. BUT last nite, it was grand. To top it off, Krissie knew said bassist John and before she could intro me, he said he used to come see my band play in austin when he was in high school. "weren't you in some electropop band a long time ago?" he asked . i mentioned This Microwave World. "Yes!" he replied, and he's seen us on the very same stage i just watched him on. i was shocked that he remembered..i mean, years ago ! prolly 2004. but a sweet moment indeed and another reminder of how fucking small this world is.. and the ties btwn brooklyn and austin are sooo close. In other news, FFF fest lineup is officially out. IT IS STUNNING. Period. now how do i go for free? can i lend a piece of gear to a stage? can i do internshit stuff? gotta make it happen. more to come soon. like i said, i'm out of it. i feel like Wavves or best coast. it feels kinda awesome, and yes super excited they are coming for FFF. goodnite!

Monday, August 2, 2010

two favorite city rant

I FUCKING hate it when i feel like NYC has invaded Austin. I don't want to offend anyone since i love these cities dearly.. i grew up in one, and found a home in the other bigger one where the population density and wanderlust beats the fuck outta the homestead. That said, i really can't stand going dancing in one of the few places in austin and feeling like i'm in some just opened or below street level/no sign/makeshift bar club in some part of brooklyn when i'm really just on Red River Street in Austin trying to get a lil shakin and smilin done. i swear, do a dance circle if you want, act like you know karate and dance better than i do on many levels.... but seriously people it kills me. i know waht its like to want to feel special and make a scene or be noticed; we all do. one of my favorite salinger quotes , misquoted i'm sure is "i'm sick of myself and everyone else trying to make some kind of splash..i'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody." i get it. i live it. i know it. but when my dance space is invaded, i hate it. its my therapy. its my unleashing of my spirit that i'm prolly too scared to do anywhere else, even if it means having a coupla cocktails first. either way, maybe i acted the same way at some point, maybe i got in your way or pissed you off on the dancefloor. but i didn't start a dance circle or act like a shark. hey more power to you for that, we'd probably be friends if we weren't so concerned with the music, but really, the cicular dance a thon that invaded, when the real deal was only one dude who looked like he could be breakin II at the 6 line in Astor was all very annoying. grrr.. oh well. the passion pit, chromeo , the cure, and Karen O were great, and ready for the floor is always a winner for sure, (CEO, The Drums, Wild Nothing, and Best Coast i missed) so kudos as always to the DJ. man, sometimes i feel like i should open my own club..then the excuses roll in: you're not talented enough, you hate accounting, yer gettin old for these hours, and mostly id just wanna dance the whole time instead of DJ. sorry about the rant, just felt like i had to get it out there. grrrr!! all better. and Beach Fossils wednesday with K-Spot!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tip of your Tongue

"dont waste your breath on formality." From Tip of Your Tongue by Porcelain Raft.

don't waste your breath or your time. sometimes i have such an aversion to pain that i dont' let myself do fun stuff like fall in love or get tattoos and shit. or say what's on the tip of my tongue. this is my favorite song today. <3

Sunday, July 11, 2010

just went dancin'

"we're not happy till we're running away. clouds in your eyes..."
"one of a kind, i need to keep you here, i need to picture you still, i need to clear the fog"
"i need to go somewhere, i need somewhere to come down"<-----all Wild Nothing snippets of Chinatown

and then

"every day i wake up and i take my medication, just to spend the rest of the day waiting for it to wear off...i'm waiting for a time, when i can be without these things that make me feel this way all..the..time.." <---all from Spiritualized "Medication"

for some reason i'm thinking of these two vastly different songs and conceptualizing them in the same way. whatever, that's what happens when you drunk post, yeah?? yeah. okay!

i went to the indie dance nite tonite. (sidenote, i WISH i could DJ on this nite, just for like an hour, please!!! and yes i'd play neutral milk hotel and yes i'd dance with you during chosen song) it was good (props given most definitely for "Skin of My Yellow Country teeth" by CYHSY however, i miss the time i danced to Best Coast, Wild Nothing, The Drums, and the song that makes my heart smile "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. good gawd, i'd give anything to dance with K-Spot to that song again. i know its cool to be cool, you wanna disco, wanna see me disco but c'mon, we all still love that song. DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!we can gallop like dorses to it and coyly pretend we're jade and alexander..not having a care in the world except the person we are dancing with. or thinking about, fictional or factual. fantasy or reality. it means the world. in other news dear Karaoke Underground: PLEASE add "Home" to your list. must sing it loud! ok i'm done fer the night. and wondering what that MFing song krissie shazamed and couldn't read. CEO? any thoughts? help the girls out <3

Friday, July 9, 2010

10 twinkletunes

sooo.... twinkletoes was a name my dad used to call me when he held both my lil girl feet with one hand and balanced me in the air. there's a special place in my heart for that name. its also my lastfm user name. so...after taking an inspirational nite at the one and only Shang ri la with my homegirl Krissie AKA blogger K-Spot, i've decided to keep track of my musical musings on this here blogger site..(not to be confused with the other blog site i use, which is pretty much a documentation of a tour i just went on and decided not to finish. just say no to blogspot!, haha, J/K it was fun while it lasted, anyways, blahblahblah) . This the new blog, you prolly wont read it or wont care, it it wont mean to you what my twinkletoes means to me.. BUT music is all about sharing really, right?!? like friendship, feelings, ideas, and childhood memories.. effort to keep track of stuff i need to research more often and bands i need to drag my ass out to see on a rainy tuesday nite when i don't want to leave the house.. here are my songs of the moment:

1) "I'm In Your Church at Nite" - Active Child
2) "Chinatown" - Wild Nothing (i can't say enough about this band, they could rule this whole list! THankyou K-Spot!!)
3) "You can Kiss Me First" - College (this is the closest thing to dance music i like dancing to)
4) "Summers with the Ephemeral Wasp"- Kiss Kiss Fantastic (omg, can you say Slowdive?!)
5) "Fruit"- Rafter (remixed by Baths) lyric of song that's kinda sweet and simple and cute...hey it doesn't have to be poetry to get your point across and i'm a girl anyways..." girl i know that you'd love me if you would share your fruit with me."
6) "Our Scenery" - Gauntlet Hair <--must see this band live
7) "Lovesick Teenagers" -Bear in Heaven (best sxsw experience of 2010)
8) "King of the Beach" - Wavves *super summer album, like seriously!!!!! "Your never gonna stop me, you're never gonna stop me, you're never gonna stop, KING OF THE BEACH!" so simply inspirational..road trip? who wit me?
9) "Lust for Life"- Girls yes, IT IS SUMMER, and this one STILL is on the bestlist. makes me wanna roll around on my skates and eat an ice cream cone. how cliche is that?!? but fuck it, its true and Hunx is in the video, woo wee!
10) "Gay Angels" - Perfume Genius this is so fucking stunning i wont belittle its beauty trying to describe it. matador has their shit together. DUH.

so i'll stop at 10 but of course i could go on forever, i have some fucking sewing to do. and the only thing that's keeping me going are these songs and pointless distractions like blogging. haha ;)