Thursday, August 14, 2014

disgusting optimism

one of my Jazzer customers asked me about a song we dance to in class.. She had it right, she knew the moves, the vocal rendition was priceless. It was Pitbull and Becky G. I gave her the info. Her lament was that she tried to ask her friends what it was..they had no clue..I explained my roadtrips with my own pals and my solitary joy in the top 40 hits. whilst loved ones questioned my taste and motives, i broke into backseat dances and pure elation at the moment..not in high school anymore, but still feeling that feel... so yeah, all is well. let go of that thirst...just taking what comes as it does. Still finding my time is well spent. when moments of elation come, just gotta take em. very inspired of aforementioned thoughts by sweet sweetheart. He makes things golden just by thinking about them. its a lucky be able to get excited by somebody else's foreign ideas. to mold their far out curiosities into your own. Odd to find the most unlikely match to my brain and have it fit so rightly into my puzzle. I will say, my life makes a lot of sense right now. Its not a feeling i'm used to ever ever. met a new life this past week. he's called Hugo Julian Mikulenka. thought about him every day til i met him, just as i did my niece Audrey Luna. overwhelming connection. in some form or another, I will always be a caretaker. But at certain times, it means more than other times to relish that role. time is on my side... glad to see that thing goin on right now and not see an end.