Sunday, October 10, 2010

festivus minimalist

sooo. its almost ACL weekend past. i felt the desire to blog about this for a few reasons. But right now the most important one: Me and Jen AKA Team Fabrication were asked to DJ an ACL afterparty with Dan Black. so we went to the venue and somehow i was hustled into arm wrestling this nice dude from DC who was in for the fest with college friends from Utah.aside from the fact that i love the idea of getting together every two years (as they said they did)they were extremely amiable and wonderful people. so wonderful that they offered their sunday VIP ACL passes to us for free. me, jen, and Krissie (K-Spot). More than happy to take part. for anyone interested, the arm wrestling was ended in a draw. nobody could win, even though i was talking a mean game, haha. so we're going tomorrow. with free food and drinks, all girls, talking shit/props/gossip about what we're gonna see. weeks end recap: Thursday nites spoon could not be beat. it was intimate and glorious, as a spoon show should be. Friday ACL left a bit to the imagination. after parking hassles and whatnot, we missed half of soft pack. But finally it was time to see Girls for the first time in my life. Def wished for more tempo but was charmed to the socks off degree by the end of the set. wish they woulda rocked out more and played with a bit more feedback as they did in the second half of the set.. but that just makes me curious and excited for the next album. and how adorable were the roses taped on each mic. Plus the standin keyboardist had a texas longhorns jersey on. Hookem MuFuck! so next was Beach House who completely brought the TTM effect. 1/2 a valium and a beer = me and k-spot ready to roll. it was glorious. and they were so gracious. Take Care was played, my abs was zebra, silver sould, oldies, and a new song and damn if they didn't say the crowd was beautiful and so were the breakfast tacos. haha. Luckily we'd seen spoon in a proper setting the nite before cuz that shit was unbearable. the amount of people there to see spoon was insane. same with black keys. so we didn't get to see spoon up close as we'd wished. but jim and britt were so graciously wonderful the nite really means more to see a band (like spoon or beach house) who are not ego trippin balls. speaking of...The Strokes. No bad feelings, well.. but shit, don't start your set 15 minutes late and be on drugs. its only 830, its not 100 degrees, you've got plenty of afterparty time. so post ACL saw Mates of State for free at Mohawk. Dance party on the balcony, yeaaah! so ACL made me realize that the shows don't mean shit unless they are small or you post up early enough to be close. FFF fest is so much better because the tix aren't oversold and you can completely navigate w/o missing a beat. plus the lineup is sick. bring it on November. either way, i am excited to go to acl tomorrow with free food, drinks, and perhaps a massage. it is relaxation day. no expectations, just hanging with the girls and our boyfriends (AKA music) anyways, so much more to rant about acl, but i'm tired. so i'll close with a happy thought of a good nites sleep and a lucky blessed day at acl tomorrow. some times i really do love this town, and especially the out of towners <3

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