Saturday, September 18, 2010


so. it was a first tonite. DJ gig with one of my favorite local bands The Laughing, Incredible show, but not the first.. The real deal was though, an interview with MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE magazine Nylon in the works. Not sure how or why this whole interview/photoshoot came to be, but i will admit that the tunage and the frocks are sorta my thing. And Nylon had come to the ATX to interview the scene, and somehow Team Fabrication made the cut. And Nylon is a publication that encompasses my for way lack of a better term, passion for both. completely on the up and up on the whatsgoingsons in terms of parties i'd like to attend, food i'd like to eat, bands i'd like to see, clothes i'd want to layer, etc forever.... plus half the bands i like are from brooklyn, and well, the nylon offices are not but a coupla trainstops away. plus the spreads are always TDF!!! to die for. so anyways, not gonna talk too much about something that shouldn't be talked too much about..mostly for fear of ruining what a fabulous nite it was (despite my swearing/acronyms/lack of ability to convey my opinion and attitude about the whole thing ...the whole thing being how i felt about fashion, austin, music, etc..... but whatever) i think it went really well! i just don't wanna write too much cuz really maybe we were annoying, or not as exciting as teh GODDAMNED huge list of bands/ppl they were scheduled to hang out with while here. anyhow, Jen really took the reigns and we really worked well together. Usually it is me who does the bulk of the interviews..but tonite she shined, and i was so proud of her. and i guess it comes from years of knowing someone to collaborate and communicate and cut each other off and tell each other to fuck off at just the right moment. it makes sense. if we were a band wed be perfect tourmates. anyways, we'll see what comes of our moment in the sun, something or nothing. either way, it felt good that we'd stuck to our guns for all these years, and someone outside the regs noticed. and trust me i love the regs, but it can hurt to see the irregular side of things once in a while. more to come... xo

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