Tuesday, November 23, 2010

turkey necking and high fiving

i hear a story: via the K-spot, bradford cox just released two atlas sound albums available for free on the DL tip on his website. i kinda cant wait to hear them.. Thanksgiving came early for krissie.. and it sure came early for me as K-Spot made me a mix CD...The new Girls EP Broken Dreams Club is there.. (i hereby nominate us as co presidents) plus beach fossils, Wild Nothing, and Foxes in Fiction. Not familiar with FIF except for blip, i turned the tracks to 15-18 to hear Foxes in Fiction. I guess i sorta melted away, and things were so backgroundishly surreal and sublime...atmospheric and lush... that the tracks flew the fuck by..all of a sudden i'm back to the Girls EP. I'm going to seriously enjoy the trip to my parents house.. it'll take an hour but with traffic maybe longer, so i'll be able to soak it in even more.. The girls EP does have me impressed. a bit unexpected... i hear female backing vocals, a pedal steel perhaps, and some serious twangish soul coming out. sort of like lying under a bed of small town texas stars...if i actually did go camping, this may actually fit in if only for one second. Jeff Mangum and everything Elephant 6 will most definitely dominate any sitting around a fire moments i have.. soo. GIrls: Everything about the lyrics is what we'd expect.. all about the broken heart, the lost love, searching for the high of just plain normalcy or the drug/buzz/crush that will let us escape from the dark place we all refer to when we look at ourselves. if i had the lyrics in front of me i'd quote it, but for now, ill just say thankyou. you got me. you got us all.

in other random news, its thanksgiving weekend. starting RFN~! Right Fucking NOw!! i'm dog sitting and house sitting, and both are still alive and well. BONUS!! tomorrow i go out to see the folks. Thursday the family.. I love it when my mom puts on her sirius radio in the mornings instead of news. its calming, and she will always pop up with some obscure reference to a band she heard... and its always quite awesome.. also quite enjoyable for someone without a telly: HD muthafuck! i will get to watch football all day and stuff my face with sweet potatoes and turkey and everything under the great big holiday sun. woo hoo! so yeah, its time to go out, come out, and get out. if only for a couple of days. being in the middle of nowhere is really something i could never do as a living situation, but to listen to your dreams under a bright clear sky of stars without the city noise or haze is kind of alluring. there's always a new reference point and new fantasy to be devoured.

BTW, has anyone else noticed how music lovers and sports fans are usually packaged into one person? Anyone read Chuck Klosterman? i've kind of seen this ellipse of music geeks and sports geeks..where the middle is the most dominant part..seriously! don't wanna analyze it..or relate the two at the moment.. just wanna appreciate it, and say, fuck yea a good games a good game! and i hope to see good games this week. *sidenote-can't wait for NBA post season

also looking forward to year end top ten/top 100/best of lists, etc.. maybe i'll even participate at some point.. its all about the recap and nostalgia of the year, and not that i've got better things to do...like.. say, looking at the future, I"m not above it, i totally get off on that stuff..so ill try to put something together. it keeps me grounded. i have to be grounded to move forward, and yes that makes sense..right??

i can't fucking believe its almost 2011.

ok, out for now.. eat all you can kids... hook em and shit!

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