Thursday, September 30, 2010

ooh my dear deerhunter

dream a little dream all about the basement scene. this album "flows" as K-spot described to me. and damn bradford sings so sweetly and gently that who wouldnt be enamoured at his musings whether genuinely depressing/confusing or hopeful, wise, and optimistic/reflective. hearing it made me realize that "i don't wanna get old" but alas i am. however i question the idea of "getting old" WTF does that mean?!?! we always define old by the age we are. its all relative. old was 17 at one point.. during the Y or teen mag years. Now i realize that as long as my friends remember me, i am never gonna be old/get old/feel old. what a blessing that is. GODDAMN this album is genius.

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