Sunday, December 26, 2010

big news!! songs evoke emotion! memories are triggered! synapses fire! senses aroused! yes you know the drill....home alone and reflecting on the songs of the past year...and the big news! that came along with them..

song i listened to when i was happy: Spoon: Got Nuffin
song i listened to when i needed to cry: Shearwater: my good deed
song i loved rollerskating to: Seawolf: Violet Hour
song i drove DT for a nite out to: CEO: Come With Me
song that i danced to a fuckton: Miike Snow: Animal
song i felt that i would sing to someone if i loved them: Diamond Rings: All Yr Songs
song i liked to dance to a lot when DJing (amongst many many others): Sebestien Tellier: Divine/Delorean: Deli
song i made an actual dance routine to: Wavves: King of the Beach
song for when i'm nostalgic: Wild Nothing: Chinatown
song i just needed to hear cuz i was feeling Mouthful of Diamonds
song that made me feel carefree: Best Coast: When I'm With You
song i needed to hear when i was hurting: Beach House: Take Care
song that made me and jen go apeshit: They Might Be Giants: Man its so Loud In Here
song i drove pre 8 AM to: Passion Pit: I've Got Your Number
song i needed to hear when an oomph was necessary: Future Islands: Little Advances
song i was inspired by: wavves: king of the beach
song that was always tragically happy: Woods: Rain on
song i was asked about a lot while DJing: Russian Futurists: Carby
carefree song: The Drums: Let's Go Surfing
could be good times or bad song: Beach Fossils: Golden Age
girly song: Best Coast: When I'm With You
best live song (local): Frank Smith: Put Me In A hole
best live song (touring): Local Natives: Sun Hands/Beach House: Silver Soul
best live song at a festival (local): Black Nasty: Gimme Your Butt
best live song at a festival (touring): Bear In Heaven: Ultimate Satisfaction/Girls:Lust for Life
tour song: Antlers: Kettering
best song danced to at a club: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes: Home (w/kspot)
best song danced to in my car: Detroit Cobras: Bad Girl
best song i never woulda hear if it weren't for K-Spot: Sad Brad Smith
best song studio style: Fanfarlo: Fire Escape
best song title: Harlem: gay human bones
most inspiring song: Neutral Milk Hotel: Holland 1945
just for fun song: reading rainbow: Girls FM (<--another amazing song title!)

okay best best best...bests don't actually exist for us...all that jazz about opinion could change tomorrow/in a funny mood right now/ feeling years end nearing.....and well, i obviously cling to old(er) favorites...but to chronicle the 2010 year with some songs...kinda like a journal. i'm into a little big news now and then..
g'nite loves

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