Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sprung Spring

oh goodness, this is so strange. I'm approaching a year in Brooklyn, and holy shit! i'm so so happy. i can't count too many letdowns. aside from triple the rent and less than triple the pay, everything is coming up roses. I'm excited for summer..the impending bicycle purchase, visit from Krissie, and BBQs apparently. having a job for 3 days a week and a DJ gig to supplement means enough free time to Jazzer, adventure, and laundry my life into something pretty manageable and enjoyable. hopefully a trip to Boston at the end of the month of May, and i'll feel like i really am utilizing this whole living in the northeast strategy. Also being in love with the Celtics with the Knicks second, it makes sense to meeeeeeeee. In quotable news, heard a few good ones lately: "I have a crush on every boy." - perfect companion "I believed in myself too much." - homegirl on #420 "We're out of Rolling Rock." - God bless you "Williamsburg resident and avid bruncher" - ughhhhhhdjakoeijelkje;lkj!!! lame UPCOMING AWESOME SHOWS: Shark? at Shea Stadium The Death Set at Shea Stadium Crystal Stilts/Woods at 285 Kent The Babies/Ducktails DJ set at 285 Kent The Hairs at Cake Shop Ty Segall/White Fence/Strange boys at Webster Hall The So So Glos at Shea Stadium Big Troubles/The Hairs at Glasslands Summerstages with Beach House and lots of other bands i hopefully will be biking to.. Oh and BTW, all i got for record store day was a 12 hour shift and a Davila 666 CD. (wanted Nobunny real bad) But hey! i'm rich by my standards and i don't quite have a turntable i count my blessings, iPod dock and everything <3