Monday, August 2, 2010

two favorite city rant

I FUCKING hate it when i feel like NYC has invaded Austin. I don't want to offend anyone since i love these cities dearly.. i grew up in one, and found a home in the other bigger one where the population density and wanderlust beats the fuck outta the homestead. That said, i really can't stand going dancing in one of the few places in austin and feeling like i'm in some just opened or below street level/no sign/makeshift bar club in some part of brooklyn when i'm really just on Red River Street in Austin trying to get a lil shakin and smilin done. i swear, do a dance circle if you want, act like you know karate and dance better than i do on many levels.... but seriously people it kills me. i know waht its like to want to feel special and make a scene or be noticed; we all do. one of my favorite salinger quotes , misquoted i'm sure is "i'm sick of myself and everyone else trying to make some kind of splash..i'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody." i get it. i live it. i know it. but when my dance space is invaded, i hate it. its my therapy. its my unleashing of my spirit that i'm prolly too scared to do anywhere else, even if it means having a coupla cocktails first. either way, maybe i acted the same way at some point, maybe i got in your way or pissed you off on the dancefloor. but i didn't start a dance circle or act like a shark. hey more power to you for that, we'd probably be friends if we weren't so concerned with the music, but really, the cicular dance a thon that invaded, when the real deal was only one dude who looked like he could be breakin II at the 6 line in Astor was all very annoying. grrr.. oh well. the passion pit, chromeo , the cure, and Karen O were great, and ready for the floor is always a winner for sure, (CEO, The Drums, Wild Nothing, and Best Coast i missed) so kudos as always to the DJ. man, sometimes i feel like i should open my own club..then the excuses roll in: you're not talented enough, you hate accounting, yer gettin old for these hours, and mostly id just wanna dance the whole time instead of DJ. sorry about the rant, just felt like i had to get it out there. grrrr!! all better. and Beach Fossils wednesday with K-Spot!

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