Thursday, November 4, 2010

Epic is a four letter word.

i'm so fucking tired of the overuse of this fucking word. it should die an epic death. why is everything awesome now epic? i'm guilty of using it and writing it on occasion but seriously, its starting to make my stomach fucking turn. yes i love four letter words also, but this ones got to go. Epic parties! epic fun! epic songs! epic scenes! shits gonna be epic! WTF?! give it a rest. never took the the whole bananas thing either, but really we don't need to make everything cool,somewhat interesting, funny, large in size, neat, off the beaten path, innovative, savvy, or pleasurable "epic." Admittedly, i dont judge anyone for using it, its pretty much a buzz word, and its all over the place..i'm bitching about its overuse not the people who use it.

according to a more-reliable-than-not website, the proper definition of epic is: < heroic, larger-than-life (very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale)) "an epic voyage"; "of heroic proportions"; "heroic sculpture" >

Obviously the word has power,if not takes the reigns and defines it. My mind wanders to times when i use the word most, and i lead straight to either music or perfectly penned scenes in movies. Perhaps getting married is an epic occasion, or giving birth..wait isn't that a miracle? either way...i have only one story to live and i've only seen so much... so.. according to this definition,the last time i appropriately used the word was when i saw Arcade Fire perform live at ACL a few years ago. YEARS. That show was larger than life to me. calling it a show doesn't do it justice, it was a fucking performance. regine was heroic on the keys, flailing around like an she was being exsorcised. Rafters were climbed, every song was an anthem. Of course i've seeen many great shows since then. I saw many before. Each is special in their on way...good, bad, moving,boring,awe inspiring... But the Arcade Fire put on a production worthy of epic. That also said, just because it was epic, doesn't mean it was the best show i've ever seen... but it did surpass the ordinary in an extraordinary way. And that is epic to me. a word we all know and have usually dismissed until...lately. GRRR!!!

Rambling on...ranting more...I guess everyone has their own associations to certain words...maybe these are words like cunt or wastebasket or tacky. Some words just sit well with people while sitting uncomfortably with someone else. Apparently epic is having its way with me. its the new alternative..but shit, that term stuck around and became a washed out and rained on umbrella term for sub culture. and obviously it took away meaning. oh epic, people are sucking you dry, and as much as i hate a lot of the assholes that keep using you, i love my guilty self and the non assholes a whole lot more. so before the plague of epic turns upon itself, may i suggest some other ways to describe fun things? how about dazzling,grand,can't fucking miss,knocked my socks off...etc etc... amazing and awesome are fine too. badass is fantastic.

see, this is what TMI does to me.. Too much internet.. i'm all huffy about a stupid word that everyone including me uses, i've been sick all week and without a telly... the world at my fingertips, its been lot of wasted internetting but srsly if i had a penny for the # of times on each website i saw the word epic, i'd have a chunk of change of e**c proportions. WTF. fuck it. FUNFUNFUNFEST is this weekend!

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  1. It's true though---words lose meaning through overuse. My biggest pet peeve is misuse of the word "literally." It's a damned useful word and I can't stand people using it when they don't know what it means, because their use means the opposite of the definition, thus robbing the word of all possible meaning. Oh the horror!