Saturday, November 10, 2012

going coming

its not a settling down weekend. Lots of greenpoint love tonight and saturday shows (radar eyes). Then Friendgiving on Sunday.. luckily this time of mine has bloomed into a lovely and miraculous thing. Only a short year ago it was different...less than...unassuming. (still on the grand cusp of pretty, but open for wounds and otherwise..lonely at the wrong times) This weekend I enter and exit hopefully on the highest of notes, accented by comfort, belonging, friends, ideas, pockets of home found away from home, optimism, and lookings forward to. Grant came in on tour and it was a time of talking about pastimes and Austin times and teeny bits of months and years ago. We all feel the same way.. and get to that point in the most outlandishly different ways. Still the same though. grant is playing for s crowds of thousands.. i am seeing beauty in numbers of 10. everyone wants to carve something out of slate. we all keep trying and tasking. even when we're rewarded, it never seems to climax. when will it all come down? when will it all settle.. and when will the blanket we weave for ourselves be warm enough? always wondering (semi happily, yet still.) Wondering.