Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i heard good stuff today

i heard the kid cudi, best coast, and vampire weekend song.."All Summer" probably something everyones heard and i'm the last, blah blah... but one of my favorite blipsters daretoeatapeach TCB'd on that today and i reblipped it twice. had to make sure craigz had heard it cuz shit was amazing... bethany stood out vocally from the get go, and i can't believe what an amazing mixmash of artists it is...shit, i fucking hate summer. maybe this is the end of it.. one genius song to say goodbye.. i have my "So Long Summertime" mix from K-Spot, which i adore (lots of twin shadow, palmbomen, and a song by the virgins that is TDF)...so here is the icing on an already delicious cake. been looking into my lastfm recs lately and i found a nice one today...Candy Claws..i find it ironic that with a name like Candy Claws (fearful, menacing, abrasive in my book) can make such relaxing tunage. some of my recs were so literally beachy (AKA waves from the ocean/sleep machine/please play this during my massage tomorrow) but candy claws stood out....maybe the percussion? must listen more, but i feel a calming obsession coming on.. ciao for now loves.

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