Thursday, September 30, 2010

ooh my dear deerhunter

dream a little dream all about the basement scene. this album "flows" as K-spot described to me. and damn bradford sings so sweetly and gently that who wouldnt be enamoured at his musings whether genuinely depressing/confusing or hopeful, wise, and optimistic/reflective. hearing it made me realize that "i don't wanna get old" but alas i am. however i question the idea of "getting old" WTF does that mean?!?! we always define old by the age we are. its all relative. old was 17 at one point.. during the Y or teen mag years. Now i realize that as long as my friends remember me, i am never gonna be old/get old/feel old. what a blessing that is. GODDAMN this album is genius.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

weekly date.

first and foremost, anyone reading this should go straight here
This is my number one musical partner in crime AKA the ever so lovely K-Spot, Krissie, Homegirl, etc i have referred to in past blogs. She's started a blog and trust me, you should listen to her. Your life WILL BE BETTER. Lucky me, I have listened to her in the form of countless mix cds over the past year we've been friends. If i had the fundage, i'd send a copy of each to everyone i know. Or even better, i'd ask her to partner up with me and we'd start a record label, a promotions company...or at least fly around the world and see whatever show or festival we wanted. But i'm not independently wealthy, unfortunately. Point is, she's shown me great bands, i like to think i returned the favor at one time or another, and its wonderful how we feed off each other so well. Its a peculiar bond we have, one that developed quickly out of circumstances beyond our control.... we were awash with turmoil, sadness, sickness, anger, and confusion a year ago, and i wouldn't have made it through without her. There was always one thing to take our minds off the madness of our shared experience: music. cliche as it sounds, blah blah, its truer than true. Whether we were geekin out on something new, dancing, or seeing shows, it was a perfect escape mechanism from the times, and a perfect time to become friends. And here we are, together in the blogosphere, and just a couple of hours away from our ritualistic tuesday nite hangout at Shang Ri La. Two dollar Tuesdays yo! Its our time to catch up, question everything that's right and wrong with our lives, and talk about bands. Most definitely a weekly highlight. The good news is that now, If i want K-Spot on a Monday, i can have her on this here blog site. woo hooo! once i get all fancy pants and such i'll even link her up to me, if she'll have me ;)

Recent R &Rs:

Regrets: missed Twin Shadow on Friday, Gayngs album not as awesome as i envisioned, didn't impulsively buy plane ticket to Scion Garagefest in Lawrence, Kansas this weekend.

Reward: "Peace in the Valley" by Dawes, GL for Spoon at the mohawk on LD, successfully DJing a wedding, sneaking in Weezer "Surf Wax America, and watching the groomsmen go apeshit ;)

bye for now!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


dilemma of the evening: Harlem vs The Drums. DUH, go see the drums. but wait, i really like harlem much better even though i've seen em a dozen times. fuck it.drinks are cheaper, venue is better. K-Spot tipped the scales. Done and duh, harlem it was. They brought it. fresh off tour. sooo superduper tight, songs deftly tweaked and Blue did an amazing job with sound. so refreshing to see the boys back home before hittin up the matador vegas extravaganza i wish i could teleport myself to w/o spending a dime. So yeah, crowd was amazing, sans drunk ass twice stage diving into concrete...(YES< i said concrete, nobody wanted to catch yer ass) mofo who really took shit to the extreme. gaaaawd. come down please sir, we just want to enjoy the show. not that i can't get into that shit, but really, this dude was the only fuck i've ever seen get onstage with harlem (to their credit, they took it like champs!) and take pics in their fuckin faces. and whatever drugs he was on, he'd obviously taken every last bit of em and had none to share, hee hee. BTW, give it a rest you are not at an aeriel pink show and nobody is gonna youtube that shite. anyhow, so glad we mde the choice to see harlem. the banter was witty as usual, and i think the sobriety was higher cuz that shit sounded amazing and there was no innerband makings fun of each other for fuckin up. THank GOD the bass was turned up, new harmonies were invented, and well, they were just the same harlem yet elevated. Can't go wrong. Tonite was pretty fuckin amazing. and well, i hope everyon at The Drums had as much fun.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


so. it was a first tonite. DJ gig with one of my favorite local bands The Laughing, Incredible show, but not the first.. The real deal was though, an interview with MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE magazine Nylon in the works. Not sure how or why this whole interview/photoshoot came to be, but i will admit that the tunage and the frocks are sorta my thing. And Nylon had come to the ATX to interview the scene, and somehow Team Fabrication made the cut. And Nylon is a publication that encompasses my for way lack of a better term, passion for both. completely on the up and up on the whatsgoingsons in terms of parties i'd like to attend, food i'd like to eat, bands i'd like to see, clothes i'd want to layer, etc forever.... plus half the bands i like are from brooklyn, and well, the nylon offices are not but a coupla trainstops away. plus the spreads are always TDF!!! to die for. so anyways, not gonna talk too much about something that shouldn't be talked too much about..mostly for fear of ruining what a fabulous nite it was (despite my swearing/acronyms/lack of ability to convey my opinion and attitude about the whole thing ...the whole thing being how i felt about fashion, austin, music, etc..... but whatever) i think it went really well! i just don't wanna write too much cuz really maybe we were annoying, or not as exciting as teh GODDAMNED huge list of bands/ppl they were scheduled to hang out with while here. anyhow, Jen really took the reigns and we really worked well together. Usually it is me who does the bulk of the interviews..but tonite she shined, and i was so proud of her. and i guess it comes from years of knowing someone to collaborate and communicate and cut each other off and tell each other to fuck off at just the right moment. it makes sense. if we were a band wed be perfect tourmates. anyways, we'll see what comes of our moment in the sun, something or nothing. either way, it felt good that we'd stuck to our guns for all these years, and someone outside the regs noticed. and trust me i love the regs, but it can hurt to see the irregular side of things once in a while. more to come... xo