Saturday, October 2, 2010

special affections

"i always thought you were really something else. i liked your presence there from far away"- simplicity is usually always bliss when it comes to lyrics. Especially with Diamond rings. New album coming out in a ocuple of weeks called Special Affections. The first Diamond Rings songs i heard was "All Yr Songs." in love at first listen. Again lyrically sweet and endearing... "cuz in the summer weather, we'll put sunscreen on together, i would not want your skin to burn" and of course the opposite season "cuz in the winter weather I'll lend you my warmest sweater.. i would not want you to get cold.." Its like mumblecore music, a bujowski film set to melodies. and i adore it. its made the mixtape for friends cut plenty of times. i woke up early one morning during sxsw 2010 and Diamond rings played for 15 people. i was in front and took a YouTube iphone video. shitty quality. my phone , not the tunes. Later in the eve saw him at cheerup charlies. and what an angel he sweet to the fans, posing for pics with me, Krissie, and Jen. And i will say, his unicorn t shirt, turquoise jeans, glittery, facepaint makeup with just a laptop and guitar.. he put himself out there and that takes balls to pull off. Diamond Rings has sincere balls. if that makes sense. can't wait to hear what's yet to come...geez how can i move to Canada? goodnite all <3

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