Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello New York!

i arrived in the lovely Brooklyn last wednesday..and i've had no time to do anything but drag my booty all over this burrough looking for a fucking apartment. The search has been maddening, frustrating, and enlightening. I thought i had discretion and selective skills when dealing with our friend craigslist, however...I came upon a couple of trainwrecks as of late. 1) Beer-drinking, advice-giving, compulsive cig- smokin in the middle of the afternoon lady (i think) who was slightly successful at her attempts to grow a beard. That was awesome...i mean no judgement, live your life, just prolly not a good fit for me and and the 2 other people who were involved with the living situation. NEXT
2) damn seriously had to body spray myself after goin into this one dudes place..rust and mold and who-knows-what smell from his kitties, rain leaking thru roof, and i think he had an aversion to using the lights...dungeon y'all....Sheesh, i vanillafied myself immediately after so as to not offend the next apartment owner! dude, i wll not be cast out as a big fat smelly NO WAY upon arrival just cuz i was dumb enough to actually think this apt was liveable...and after you fell asleep and never called...after you still have the place for rent even though its 700 ABP in a prime williamsburg location. no wonder.
I'm not even that clean, girly, or prissy...and i've seen some shitty apts in my time in this city..but wowzass So...the search goes on...and buying a can of soda for a buck and a half just to pee somewhere..lets keep it up.. woo hoo!

more important news, aka fun in new york news: i finally met one of my blip friends, Craigz. We met for Karaoke Underground on saturday. This was awesome, my first nite to actaully go out and have a lil fun here. Craigz (yes, its habit to add that z, his name is craig) is fuckin A!! we had a blast, he was an excellent sport and we sang the vaselines "Son of a Gun" with Julia...and then later Julia and i sang "Damaged Goods.) The stage was really elevated and the crowd was so was like a normal concert of covers of your favorite songs. Congrats KU, i think you have won the crowd over!

Last nite, after a brief ray of sunshine in apartment hunting forecast, i was feeling like celebrating and catching my first show. God bless Craigz for getting me to go.. I saw Widowspeak and The Vivian Girls at 285 Kent, a nice converted warehouse with white walls, black graffiti, high ceilings, a disco ball, and a makeshift bar that actually served wine, but more importantly, $3 budweisers..OMG!
Widowspeak was gently sweet, but the real treat was vivian girls. i admittedly wasn't crazy about them 3 years ago during sxsw...not disappointed, just a lil curious about why so much hype to come..anyhow, i was certainly willing to see the newer and more developed VGs...sooo not let down! fandom resurrection!! First off, the band is now only 3 ladies (saw them with 4 or 5 before). This set up is essential for this band, there need not be any frills here..and they sound a lot tighter. Second, the sound -after a few micpops/crackles from the monitor- was pretty fucking great. Third, these girls stole my heart with their ran the spectrum from a punked-out Lush to a sweet and more savory Holly Golightly. These songs flowed in and out of one another, even with the tempo changes and dynamics of each. Mad props to the set order and the entire set in general. Lastly, it was fucking refreshing to see a band back from tour, playing at home, unfazed by the sound mishaps, and in a proper sized venue. I think the VGs thrive in a setting like this over a festival type space, displaced from the crowd and serious fans. It was a perfect way to see em..despite what Craigz deemed a "hipster moshpit" to our left. I am soo happy i went.

Coming up is the Northside festival all over brooklyn...not sure exactly how its gonna work since i'm a rookie, but the line up is pretty swell. holiday shores, GBV, wavves, takka takka, the black hollies, atlas sound, sooo many!! i'll shut up cuz who knows if i'll even see anything.

And so it goes.. one week down. I have to find an apartment and start getting on with life. Its amazingly weird not having a job or a home. Amazingly awesome regarding the job. Im blessed for Julia's space and her lovely roomates.. but i feel unable to accomplish anything without cultivating my own space. Attitude has been up and down, but all in all, it has to get better. Patience is a virtue. I'm ready for a dance nite. I can't believe its been a whole month since i've danced and i'm 3 weeks in to jazzercise withdrawal. suck sucks..i need some advice in those departments.. No Jsize at the YMCA in greenpoint, but aerobic dance and punk rope? those sound fun.

ok, off to the races for now. umbrella and quarters in tow.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

pause. blog time!

i just watched the drums cover the supremes. this is prolly an old youtube vid but i sorta am out of touch with stuff right now. Either way, i hearted it TTM and can't fucking wait to be in new york...Just got back from california to visit my bro and niece and friends before moving east.. I love it more every time i go, even though its the land of hippies, dreadlocks, and a section at the store called "goddess sizes". haha. seriously, it pretty much is the most beautiful place with loved loved loved ones who i can't stand to go so long without seeing. I will admit, it is much more, ahem, calm there..and it bugs the shit outta me when things...take..forever... My folks had a realization..that maybe everyone's lax pace of life, the slowness of certain folks, the way of living without the rush...maybe they are all just fucking high as kites. FUCKIN A, why hadn't i thought of that before?!? everyone is just ass stoned and WTF are we so hyped up about?!?! damn, its like a blanket was lifted off my head. spoken like a true non smoker. could be true guys... bottom line, though, fuck it and tsunamis stay away!

So..Its been a whirlwind week..moved out of austin, living with my parents, i'm home sorta..under a beautiful peachy, crescent shape Texas moon. Got home too late to run into the ATX..will certainly miss Karaoke wtih Jen...dancing at Barbs..both of which are going on RFN :( Its cool, sad but cool... things are less stressful and i feel as if i could shun responsibility for another week if i wanted to. But wait! there could be an amazing apartment overlooking a park in Bushwick that could be mine. OMG, calm down erin! so... since i''m saving money and rarely treat myself to fun stuff besides thrift store finds, a decent meal, a nice glass of wine or a massage (all of which i conquered this week too!) i logged into itunes and i realized i had 12 bucks in my account...score!! plus not dancing it all out or having jazzercise around, i bought:

Cut Copy: Need You Now and Where I'm Going
Generationals: Ten-twenty-Ten
Foster the People: Pumped up Kicks
Metronomy: The Look

Honestly i've been jogging a bit, but i really miss the JCize and will prolly take in one more class this week before flying out. Just to get a fix and refresh my memory with the steps..working on a new solo routine, which sorta debuted at a deserted grassy section of the Town Lake trail last week. Nothing like dancing in a summer dress and barefoot, with dirt weaseling up my toes, ahhh... and BTW, yes, its a bathing suit under there fuckies, sheesh! The final analysis: "King of the Beach" on LD, forward flip flop fancy gymnastic move needs a bit of work, and first 8 counts of new routine seem proper. Must pick a song though~! and bow down to any and all dance instructors i made fun of in the past. you gots my mad respect.

so what else..plenty, and more... but again, that moon. gotta take it in while i can y'all <3