Wednesday, January 18, 2012

according to the twitter feed

Fang Island, Bear In Heaven, Oberhofer, Frankie Rose, Eternal Summers, Perfume Genius, Tanlines, Best Coast, Porcelain Raft, Shark?, Tennis <---------glad you all finished up in the studio, and super duper cant wait for the releases to come out. Myriad reasons to be excited for springtime!

In other news....

Didya see that The Clean are playing Chaos in Tejas? I would honestly flip my lid to hear "Two fat Sisters" or "Oddity" live..or "Secret Place." all of it.. now hows about that tour...convince them Merge!

Didya see the Austin Psych Fest lineup? i was sold on Black Keys and Olivia Tremor Control.

BTW, anyone else prefer the black lips to the black keys? its a no brainer to me, the lips win.

hows about SXSW? thinking of road tripping down. But damn, lookin at these other lineups, it almsot seems better to wait. or not..In fact, i think i'm alomost more excited about the prospect of jumping into a car and just riding (its been a while).. riding down to the south. warmth. rolled down windows and loud music. girl time. cheesy shit like that. i'm into it.

my bro and sister in law came to town this weekend. It was pretty fucking amazing all around. It was def awesome to see Brooklyn with their borrowed sets of eyes. We caught Dive at 285 Kent, and made it to Rocio's two times before calling it quits on breakfast food. First official Broadway show was Memphis. Loved the shit out of it and made me want to rethink my choices and reformulate my dreams of operating a venue to professional dancer. I think i missed the boat on a certain one of those..i guess that's where the jazzer comes in. and sometimes an empty living room after a good run is the perfect time to dance.

in even more other news..i just read that DFA tweet about LCD Soundsystem trying to get on SNL for 6 years while Lana Del Ray was rushed into the spotlight. makes ya wonder yeah?

another fun twitter tidbit.. One of the so so glos got arrested last nite for subway turnstile jumping, as documented quite humorously on the feed. Apparently only 1 so so glo has never been arrested. haha, amazing..i jog by their home/venue Shea Stadium pretty frequently and they seem to be having fun doing art and shit on their balcony, practicing whenever, not bothering anyone. way to put a bad one behind the bars nypd.

alright, speaking of running... ciao for now. xo