Sunday, December 12, 2010

sweet redemption

the weekend that looked bleak turned out to be kinda spectacular. for starters, i saw What Made Milwaukee Famous on friday. i've been following them for years, almost wept tears at the beauty of this reunion...knowing a teeny bit of the back story of the dudes, the triumpths and turmoils and tragedies and blessings...some of which hide under thick blankets of drunkeness and self preservation.. well all of it culminated into a WOW of a show that nearly brought me to a weeping finish. thank you for playing curtains. thank you for the right stage monitor position i posted up was nice to see everyone being bros again..

so sweet redemption. decided i would give saturday nite new noise another chance tonite. After viewing past weeks playlists online, and needing some serious dance therapy, i had to venture back..thinking i would get the shit end of the stick, i was pleasantly rewarded with these artists:

Miike Snow
Edward Sharpe (OMG, heart skipped many beats!)
Hot Chip
Daft Punk
apples in stereo
sleigh bells
the drums
arcade fire (yep, srsly from Funeral)
active child

sooo glad i gave it a shot. crowd got busy, left at 1:00 am. the dancing beast was unleashed and tamed, if only for a few days ;)

*nobody got in my way, and i was able to practice jazzercise in my own lil corner
*gay boy told me i smelled like cotton candy. i thought i smelled like sweat. i know i did
*the three drinks i had were ordered w/o lines or attitude
*high five from a stranger who was enamoured with arcade fire
*galloping/not giving a fuck/not knowing anyone there
*leaving satisfied and not bitching at how shitty dancing in the ATX is

*meant to text K-Spot and my sis to say, hey, the dance is back in town! hope they read this
*boys in the ladies room
*shitty songs i didn't know with waaay too much filter sweeping
*missed BCoast, BFossils, CEO, but hey i got what i could for a nite i thought would blow balls
*no K-Spot
*everyone in this town is 20 with fake IDs

can't complain too much...i actually had to force a water break. i haven't AP'd in a loong time, and was craving conversation...met up with work ladies at a party with, guess what?!?! a dance shack. nice!

Went to 2nd AP to Danny's studio and finally saw where the laughing, the lemurs, WMMF, and white denim make magic. It was a brilliant old house converted into a studio. only one bedroom was livable.. every other one was soundproofed, full of mics, keyboards TTM, and lots of amps that i have no idea how wonderful or shitty they sound. whatta place!

so a weekend that looked a bit boring actually turned out to be pretty awesome. beginning to appreciate what it is i'm about to leave. anxiety reared its ugly head today, but i found a remedy all by myself. guess i gotta learn to do that, yeah? eeks, yeah. alright, sore muscles and fading...smiling out now.. ;)

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