Wednesday, November 10, 2010

funfunfun weekend

happens all the time, whether it be before a fashion show, DJ gig, SXSW, a music fest, a vacation...I get sick. lay in bed all week sick. Last week was no different. Had plenty of time to rest and cross my fingers and toes that i'd be well enough to go to funfunfun fest with a full and healthy spirit. Luckily by Friday morning (Day 1) i was good to go. Not much to see except weird Al, which i didn't even watch. but it didn't matter cuz i got to hang with my favorite girls..Jen, Krissie, and my sister in law, but still my sister Leah. Let the weekend highlight form:


-Jeff the Brotherhood: i didn't know two shits about these dudes. but seeing the two of them performing was awesome..i walked in on the last couple of songs, but now i'm kinda hooked

-The Antlers: as promised, beautiful, intense, dismal yet uplifting.. and the sound filled the park. Props to funfunfun for the last minute addition because they turned out to be a highlight.

-Wavves: for the first time live. Excellent set, i can listen to most of all the old album, and most def straight through the new one, and was pleased with all the choices.. But WTF with the volume? yet again, like Girls at ACL, how about a lil bit of amplification folks. Sincere and adorable with the crowd. Nathan needed a beer and traded a joint for a 24 oz tecate with a fan. He assured that they had plenty more weed. i expected a more excited crowd..but again, its tough without audible noise.

-Os Mutantes: well, i have an obsession with Brazil and this band has been making music for ages....first heard on a mix tape from boy i was dating several years ago. They broke into mean rock guitar solos under a haze of psychadelia and tropicana..they kept me on my toes. brazil always does.

-Man Man: shoulda watched more. but resting and sidewalk socializing (instead on gravel) backstage with every fucking scenester person in austin apparently took a bit of time, and didn't get everything done. Food and beer need consumption too.

-Delorean: the band i stalked during sxsw,i have much love for "Deli" and "Monsoon" but a lot of older tracks but was met with new and unfamiliar tunes at that particular festival. since then new songs have grown on me. perfect crowd for a dance band, glow necklaces and everything. and my favorite jogging keyboardist on the happy for these guys...they deserve the bigger crowds and kept the fun coming.. PS- great light show

-MGMT: first time to see live! Oracular Spectacular was a seriously meaningful album to was one of those "get me thru this godddamn depressive breakup state i'm in " albums...i rode around the streets of san francisco listening to it with Raya, thinking, hey, things are gonna be for the moment, ok. and it was most certainly moment to moment then.. anyhow..definitely stoked to see live. Not let down. at that point was having crazy sisterly moments with my girls and doing that dance hug thing that looks really gay, but actually does kinda mean something.


-Black Nasty: absolutely the best way to start the day. without question. Black nasty has collaborated with several indie artists, and he receives death threats. But you know what, sack up, he has a lot of shit to say. PLZ listen to shark tank. if you are offended i'm sorry. truly.. i just think he's either taken too seriously or not taken seriously enough. enough of that talk..Team Fab, Gino, and the K-Spot and Leah laughed our asses off. Its funny to see your friends up there singing about doing it up the butt, festishes, and straight up jizz in the face.. Standouts were...fuckin A the whole set was a standout. congrats kids.

-Toro Y Moi: caught a bit of the action from the sidestage for this one. pretty amazing to watch so close. it was def a chill set, kinda matched the weather.

-Cults: long hair dudes, and lady.. all dressed in black. another decent addition to the fest. had their shit together.

-Best Coast: um, i love this band. i know there's a lot of singing about dudes and weed and cats and general dissatisfaction.. but get a group of girls together and whats likely to enter the conversation? dudes, cats, dissatisfaction, and coping strategies. weed, TV, wine, exercise, prayer.. whatever. i do'tn agree with people who say best coast is my opinion bethany can sing about whatever the fuck she wants to...its stilly a beachy blast, even if you're not high. mucho singing along for this set.

-Deerhunter: most anticipated act of festival. it was pretty awesome. Expected to hear all of Halcyon Digest, but set peppered with older songs. longed for "Hazel St." and "Basement Scene" but it doesn't matter, its fucking Deerhunter. no lights, playing as shadows. lovely. i almost got lost.. i wanted to get lost... but most certainly not a letdown. a longer time slot woulda been really nice.

Weekend highs:
-attending a festival that's actually easy to get around with HQ bands and people
-Best coast guitarist stopping set to swig off the whiskey bottle in his backpack
-high fiving my favorite spaniard AKA delorean keys dude.
-Delorean saying we "De-yay" at beauty bar tonite.. AKA DJ awww..language barriers
-making friends with security homeboy
-meeting two members of wavves
-jen meets milo
-Seeing austin icon Leslie fully clothed for once eat a piece of pizza out of a trashcan.. 2 seconds later pulled a gnawed on turkey leg out of another trashcan and started chowing away. my stomach hurt from laughing.
-free beer and free burritos
-black nasty
-aftershow at mohawk with sonny and the sunsets..
-hanging out with blip friend igetfreepie
-seeing buffy
-clean port o lets
-K spot yelling penis! and being rewarded with vagina!
-jen getting on my shoulders for the descendents
-getting drilled

weekend lows:
-shitty sound at wavves
-missed most of man man
-missed most of jeff the brotherhood
-no afterparty dancing
-jen's camera lost
-egos and general douchebaggotry
-short sets
-my little bro not being around...but i had my sister

ok, i'm late for a meeting with ...guess who?

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  1. Alright, this is my far my favorite blog by you. Completely sums up FFFest to a big T. Some stuff I forgot about, like yelling "Penis" AND the running keyboardist. Completely perfect. Next time I need a laugh, I'm gunna read this blog. I love it!