Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy, did someone say..happy?!?!

oh damn, i guess i only post every 6 months now?? it just seemed appropriate to do it in case i forget what this feels like. its called HAPPY. that's the word. that's me right now. knock on all the wood. Life has just been a grand victory as of late. Worked hard to get here, psyched to be here.. not forgetting how i got here.. <--thats the most important thing. it keeps us all legit. Blessed with so much right now. Its odd the feeling of content that's around. i think part of it has to do with goals and having a focus and looking towards a certain achievement. I've never been able to measure goals too well. i can def look at strides i've made in therapy and with interpersonal relationships.BUT, those are so hard to quantify...and even harder to open up about sometimes. (sucks cuz these strides are the greatest quantities) Apparently i set a goal and i mastered it. It doesn't involve basketball or a dance off, however..hmmm.. ALSO I happened into a good job situation and that feels progessive too. i feel like i have some past waves to ride on as well as current state of productivity-something i always value,but never prop myself for. always my toughest critic. THAT SHIT stops. i'm doin fine. got myself some best friends, gotta GOOD MAN boyfriend who keeps me on my toes, got a home in a place that i can't let go of, got some purpose. Thats cool yeah. of course, still not sleeping enough, drinking too much, over worried about lotsa things, using nicotine, am virtually clueless about pop culture,and i need a proper haircut. BUT, if i'm taking stock as of the moment, feeling on the highest of clouds and over the moon. (KNOCK ON IT AGAIN)