Monday, November 21, 2011

ATTN: Dudes

....who live miles and miles away, who are emotionally unavailable, who text two word replies, who i can't figure the fuck out, who are significantly younger, who make me too nervous to be myself around..

feel free to hit me up, apparently i'm still way into your type.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cloud Nothings and such

-11/11/11..everyone seems to be gaga about it, but it holds special meaning for me since it was my 6 month to the day anniversary living in new york.
-post anniversary, i saw cloud nothings at glasslands and i will say they put on one of the top 3 shows i've seen since my tenure in nyc
-glasslands is an amazing venue. I can always get in the front row and nobody is a can even pee and get a beer and head right back to yer spot during soundcheck
-Dylan Baldi a) knows how to spell his name properly and b) looks a hell of a lot like will sheff
-i feel like watching a drummer play drums is like getting a preview of his orgasm i not right?
-BTW, Cloud Nothings drummer must have great a completely non sensual way, this homie was a gem to watch
-enjoyed seeing 1/2 the band in standard white t-shirts, obviously tour attire
-old songs with sped up tempo still sounded great.
-new songs stretched boundaries in a good way..and hoping that steve albini took it to a dirtier level on the recording
-def prepped properly when DB says "we're gonna play the whole thing" in reference to the new album. thats pretty awesome
-being pushed up against a monitor is comfy and was a nice grip when zoned out
-girl next to me was soo wasted/drained that she decided to ask me for a sip of my beer after proclaiming "this is fucking great isnt'; it?" Of course i obliged. again, can't stress enough how great crowds at glasslands are
-later, sadly, homegirl fell down...passed out for a sec...IDK but it may have been due to happiness
-excellent merch utilizing the mustache, which is normally annoying but somehow dogged the lame bullet
-some sort of video was shot during the set...and now i want a really nice camera. No wonder, the glasslands backdrop really looks like heaven.
-post show drinks at a new bar. Excellent beer choices and ample room for jazzercising on the dancefloor (don't really need to know the song..just count to 8 and its all good.)
-and upcoming....gauntlet hair, flying nun 30th anniversary party at cake shop (the mad scene strikes again NY/NZ), xray eyeballs, the oh sees, the so so glos, night manager, the beets, big troubles, real estate (<---love the new one omg), mannequin men, dive, woodsman, and if i get around to checking out this "five finger death squad" band..well, that could be interesting.

<3s from happy land