Friday, July 9, 2010

10 twinkletunes

sooo.... twinkletoes was a name my dad used to call me when he held both my lil girl feet with one hand and balanced me in the air. there's a special place in my heart for that name. its also my lastfm user name. so...after taking an inspirational nite at the one and only Shang ri la with my homegirl Krissie AKA blogger K-Spot, i've decided to keep track of my musical musings on this here blogger site..(not to be confused with the other blog site i use, which is pretty much a documentation of a tour i just went on and decided not to finish. just say no to blogspot!, haha, J/K it was fun while it lasted, anyways, blahblahblah) . This the new blog, you prolly wont read it or wont care, it it wont mean to you what my twinkletoes means to me.. BUT music is all about sharing really, right?!? like friendship, feelings, ideas, and childhood memories.. effort to keep track of stuff i need to research more often and bands i need to drag my ass out to see on a rainy tuesday nite when i don't want to leave the house.. here are my songs of the moment:

1) "I'm In Your Church at Nite" - Active Child
2) "Chinatown" - Wild Nothing (i can't say enough about this band, they could rule this whole list! THankyou K-Spot!!)
3) "You can Kiss Me First" - College (this is the closest thing to dance music i like dancing to)
4) "Summers with the Ephemeral Wasp"- Kiss Kiss Fantastic (omg, can you say Slowdive?!)
5) "Fruit"- Rafter (remixed by Baths) lyric of song that's kinda sweet and simple and cute...hey it doesn't have to be poetry to get your point across and i'm a girl anyways..." girl i know that you'd love me if you would share your fruit with me."
6) "Our Scenery" - Gauntlet Hair <--must see this band live
7) "Lovesick Teenagers" -Bear in Heaven (best sxsw experience of 2010)
8) "King of the Beach" - Wavves *super summer album, like seriously!!!!! "Your never gonna stop me, you're never gonna stop me, you're never gonna stop, KING OF THE BEACH!" so simply inspirational..road trip? who wit me?
9) "Lust for Life"- Girls yes, IT IS SUMMER, and this one STILL is on the bestlist. makes me wanna roll around on my skates and eat an ice cream cone. how cliche is that?!? but fuck it, its true and Hunx is in the video, woo wee!
10) "Gay Angels" - Perfume Genius this is so fucking stunning i wont belittle its beauty trying to describe it. matador has their shit together. DUH.

so i'll stop at 10 but of course i could go on forever, i have some fucking sewing to do. and the only thing that's keeping me going are these songs and pointless distractions like blogging. haha ;)

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