Sunday, September 26, 2010


dilemma of the evening: Harlem vs The Drums. DUH, go see the drums. but wait, i really like harlem much better even though i've seen em a dozen times. fuck it.drinks are cheaper, venue is better. K-Spot tipped the scales. Done and duh, harlem it was. They brought it. fresh off tour. sooo superduper tight, songs deftly tweaked and Blue did an amazing job with sound. so refreshing to see the boys back home before hittin up the matador vegas extravaganza i wish i could teleport myself to w/o spending a dime. So yeah, crowd was amazing, sans drunk ass twice stage diving into concrete...(YES< i said concrete, nobody wanted to catch yer ass) mofo who really took shit to the extreme. gaaaawd. come down please sir, we just want to enjoy the show. not that i can't get into that shit, but really, this dude was the only fuck i've ever seen get onstage with harlem (to their credit, they took it like champs!) and take pics in their fuckin faces. and whatever drugs he was on, he'd obviously taken every last bit of em and had none to share, hee hee. BTW, give it a rest you are not at an aeriel pink show and nobody is gonna youtube that shite. anyhow, so glad we mde the choice to see harlem. the banter was witty as usual, and i think the sobriety was higher cuz that shit sounded amazing and there was no innerband makings fun of each other for fuckin up. THank GOD the bass was turned up, new harmonies were invented, and well, they were just the same harlem yet elevated. Can't go wrong. Tonite was pretty fuckin amazing. and well, i hope everyon at The Drums had as much fun.

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