Thursday, November 25, 2010

i'm thankful for YOU

so people i'm most thankful for always...and i've met a here's a totally random list of some of you lovelies and the songs that are most thoughtful to me...when i think of the beautiful YOU, even if i've not seen you/hugged you/met you in forever:

Brother Neil: ELf Power: Will My Feet Still Carry Me HOme
Jen Rea: We are Scientists: The Scene is Dead
Brother Ryan: The Hold Steady: Chips Ahoy
Mom: The Killers : When You were Young
Dad: The Zombies: She's Not There
Buffy: The Arm: The Privileged Few
K-Spot: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes: Home
Leah: Okkervil River: Unless its Kicks
Raya: MGMT: Kids
City of New York: The Walkmen: Thinking of a dream I had
Julia: Le Tigre: Deceptagon
Chris: Wilco: California Stars
Rapha: Trans Am: Futureworld
Jenny: The Gerbils: Fluid
Dude: Deerhunter: Strange Lights
State of California: Olivia Tremor Control: Gypsum Oilfield Fire
ESP: Neutral Milk Hotel: Holland 1945
Chris Dale: Wire: Early Miner
Jim Browning: Apples In Stereo: Look Away
Kelly: Sebadoh: brand new love
Craig: Best Coast: When i'm with you
Gunner: Magnetic Fields: A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
Penny: Nobunny: Nobunny Loves You
Grant: The Lauging " Don't Help Me"
Me: Future Islands: Little Advances
Britt: Spoon: All the Pretty girls Go to the city
Joan: Fanfarlo: Luna
JHF: TVOTR: Wolf Like Me
OC: The Good Life: Always a Bridesmaid
LG: Yo La Tengo: My Little Corner of the World
Jeanettio: Harlem: South of France

off the top of my lil head is what i wrote. i've not even met some of these people and i miss most of you...some of you i see thankfully quite a bit.. But yeah associations from the tiptop spur of the moment brain and here you have it. BTW, you all deserve more than one song.

PS-can't fucking wait to hear the Kanye ALbum.. happened upon a rolling stone mag at the folks house...the review was superb and author said the album could've been penned only by an insane person. F to the Yes!

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