Monday, November 1, 2010

candy claws, millionyoung (thanks K-Spot), deerhunter, cults,and grandchildren. i want nothing else right now musically. on a more personal note, if you wanna gimme fiction, these nightmares and wanderlust thoughts would quit. but they don't seem to be stopping. so its a fact, elfgirl land is guilty without reasonable doubt...of confusion, suffocation, and negative analysis. i would hope to really be satisfied with just being happy with what i have. But i'm realizing i can't. i don't know if i should blame the sadistic media, my own musings, or the general fairytales i create about anyone else's life but mine.. either way, i need something else. i want to see myself changing every day..making little advances. (<--FUTURE ISLANDS!!!) i talk and talk, but can't take myself on a walk. so i will fly to portland, travel to atlanta with Krissie, text my boss in new york, and just be with my thoughts. try to figure it out. cuz right now, i have to think bigger than what i'm presuming i'm capable of. Team Fab made it into Nylon magazine this month. instead of champagne we drank Lone Star in celebration. a shitty picture and a blurb about DJing is really awesome when its in print. at least for us! all smiles... Also in Nylon's America issue: Boston,Nashville, Portland, blah blah, i havent even read the entire damn thing. but definitely some food for thought. anyways, a big shout out to my HQ friends whose ears i talk all the way off about this shit.. maybe i'll have something more interesting to say now that ive written it all out and can get off my own soap about some Fun Fun Fun?!?!g'nite yalls.

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