Sunday, July 11, 2010

just went dancin'

"we're not happy till we're running away. clouds in your eyes..."
"one of a kind, i need to keep you here, i need to picture you still, i need to clear the fog"
"i need to go somewhere, i need somewhere to come down"<-----all Wild Nothing snippets of Chinatown

and then

"every day i wake up and i take my medication, just to spend the rest of the day waiting for it to wear off...i'm waiting for a time, when i can be without these things that make me feel this way all..the..time.." <---all from Spiritualized "Medication"

for some reason i'm thinking of these two vastly different songs and conceptualizing them in the same way. whatever, that's what happens when you drunk post, yeah?? yeah. okay!

i went to the indie dance nite tonite. (sidenote, i WISH i could DJ on this nite, just for like an hour, please!!! and yes i'd play neutral milk hotel and yes i'd dance with you during chosen song) it was good (props given most definitely for "Skin of My Yellow Country teeth" by CYHSY however, i miss the time i danced to Best Coast, Wild Nothing, The Drums, and the song that makes my heart smile "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. good gawd, i'd give anything to dance with K-Spot to that song again. i know its cool to be cool, you wanna disco, wanna see me disco but c'mon, we all still love that song. DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!we can gallop like dorses to it and coyly pretend we're jade and alexander..not having a care in the world except the person we are dancing with. or thinking about, fictional or factual. fantasy or reality. it means the world. in other news dear Karaoke Underground: PLEASE add "Home" to your list. must sing it loud! ok i'm done fer the night. and wondering what that MFing song krissie shazamed and couldn't read. CEO? any thoughts? help the girls out <3

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