Thursday, October 11, 2012

CMJ and the situations that come with it

CMJ is coming up next week. honestly, i just wanna make tons of money $$$$$ and then after/during see whatever i can secondhand at Cake Shop. My free night is next Tuesday...reserved for the So So Glos and Weekend (fuckin finally) at Shea. In the meantime, I'll catch Ghost Wave at work to feed my NZ lust. Twerps are playing Friday with Air Waves, and Shark? on saturday so i'll get my golden moments prior to the music fest party thing?? Plus Radar Eyes in november...another fill. I consider CMJ work time and SXSW fun time. so really sxsw better be worth my while cuz a road trip is in serious consideration at this point. DAIRY QUEEN AND WHATABURGER!! also i DJed this weekend for the @bkgirlproblems party and i couldn't have been prepared for the onslaught of AMAZING that occurred. also stoked to play all my favorites and have ppl enjoy them, aside from the TLC and 90's hip hop requests. I think Carly and myself held it down proper. I miss that shit for real. Also VOTE. for something. I may not spill out blogvomit until christmas in texas so heres a reminder to anyone to just do it and know YOU COUNT. xoxo