Sunday, October 3, 2010

wedding and wastings...

Via the fabulous K-Spot, i realize now that Beach Fossils, Real Estate, and CLoud Nothings have albums coming out in two weeks. Super stoked. Plus even more stoked that i had some HQ time with HQ tonite..really excited about the class actress as well..on the DL tip (shhhh! don't say a word! DL meaning not just one the downlow, but on the download haha) ANyhow, this weekend was Matador Bday festaganza in vegas. DAMN i wish i woulda gone! but alas, my threshold for spontaneous endeavors is waay are funds. PLUS i must/can wait for the fest circuit to inundate our fair town with outta town lovers of a scene they may or may not idolize/fantasize/put on some fake ass pedestal, blah blah.. i live here, what do you expect ?!?! so its ACL week this week and FFF fest on the horizon. I have a friday tix to ACL and i do believe its the best day, lineup wise. so very excited for what I think the real show will be... thursday at the Mohawk. Spoon. yes, in a venue that isn't madison square garden, stubb's, or anywhere close to that. A Spoon show for the homies. the friends. the fans, the family. i promised Britt a steady flow of Tecate all nite long. ironically its usually him handing me one..haha. DAMN, if i'm not crazy excited about the intimacy of this show. and that i get to share it with K-Spot. so i'll put in my early nites and early mornings this week.. Task and reward. FTW, for the weekend, for the win! In other news, i saw two friends get married tonite, and everyone was required via invite to wear their favorite band/concert tshirt. i went with white rabbits, after searching for ages for my old Jesus and Mary Chain, washed to almost bra necessary thinness. either way..plain and simple..a beautiful ceremony that i was privileged to be invited to. took a sidestep down to danceville and was pleasantly surprised by Best Coast, Miike Snow, and Teengirl Fantasy, (CEO and Edward Sharpe are just long lost dreams i now see). either way, dancing is therapy and it was had tonite.(Thanks Krissie!) cuz weddings...well, i would not even wish a blog about weddings upon any of you reading. so let's just say,for what its worth, weddings done right don't have to make you cry..they can make you smile..esp when the first dance is to pat benetar. xo

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