Thursday, November 4, 2010

finally seeing Wavves!

i have hope kids. and even though he went to a studio for his followup, and we all love the gritty fuck out of the bedroom recording sound, i mean its all the rage, have you heard that shit yet?!?! wavves and crew picked the right studio, the right producer, and obviously, the right weed. everything is still raw, plenty of feedback and strewn guitars, muddled vocals... just a little tinge of polish. I have this vintage hand mirror that's dusty as hell, old as shit, cracked....but it has so much character, I keep it around.. and with a little WIndex rubdown, its quite kitchy and has a lot of spunk. yes, its still perma strained but if i wanted a fucking new mirror i'd go to Target right, fuckies?? yeeeahhh!! so. yes that was an attempt to compare wavves recording efforts to an outdated hand held mirror. No i'm not high. Anyways,watch the short film about his experience in the studio...its pretty awesome. i'll try post it..i think its on pitchfork tv. super duper looking forward to seeing wavves weekend. i'm hoping for a singalong.

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