Sunday, November 28, 2010

for forgetfuls sake

Saturday nites...don't venture out too often..but off tomorrow, yippee! so..reunited with krissie after was grand as to be expected with family talks and mending of our broken dreams through whatever alley we ventured down. ..hit up usual jaunts with the exception of Gypsy Bar...nice incense (OMG did i just fucking say that?!?!) well it says a lot for a clean bathroom on the east side.. so ended the nite at Longbranch Inn..and i'm jottin down the playlist so i dont forget...the jukebox was broken so the owner had her ipod hooked up..

The cure
Band of Dorses
The XX
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Neutral Milk Hotel
The Smiths
LCD Soundsystem
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

i wasnt' there super long.. BUT made a swift beeline for the owner who i sorta know and asked for a nite to DJ. it was work peeps and friends dancing to WTF we a not so dancing sort of bar..that sorta says a lot for this town honestly. speaking of the bar: its narrow and long...the layout style is cavernous with windows wayy above yer head, almost an underground feeling.. always reminds me of a new york bar. and tonite was brilliant cuz texans are either eating leftovers, too pussy to go out in the cold, or doing something much cooler than i was..AKA NOT CROWDED! loved my time there. and seriously please let Team Fab DJ. trust me we will dance and play. frolic and sing. we will five finger the loner at the bar and curiously , candidly, convincingly invite he/she to dance. it'll be fun. i promise.even funner with a mic.

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