Monday, August 1, 2011

meet me at the bar, its goin down

its been forever since i've had a solo DJ gig. its going down tomorrow night. actually i hope its goin up. i havent had a car or a stereo in my room, much less a sewing/craft/keyboard room to jam it at all costs in quite some time.. So i guess the most exciting part is to hear my favorite tunes in full form on full blast..anything i want to hear at my finger tips. anyone who comes, many many thanks and hearts and hugs and kisses forever and in advance (no expiration date). kinda counting on support from some homies. thats my ticket to playing more. anyone who dares buy an overpriced beer in Nolita due to a haphazard facebook invite or a belated text, i adore you. if all goes well, i'm gonna wanna keep doing this on the regs. plus it pays decent, my brokeass can't argue with that.

a constant flow happens here: missing random meaningful(less) stuff and super important till the end people in Texas VS. the crush as all hell i have on my new city.. the potential to find moments of curiosity and joy (really? really!) in the tiniest shit.. pretty cool, but a weird play by play in the head when the big picture comes into play. enough of that, just live..

so living..yes, what's that w/o adventure.. and adventure i will in the next month.. going to Atlanta, Georgia to visit K Spot in her new world of a life. gonna seriously geek out. loved atlanta on the sour notes tour. awesome that i have an even more awesome reason to visit again. Gonna hit some shows, and looking crazy forward to seeing Toro y Moi, Bass Drum of Death, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra in onefreakinnight!! We are going to Athens for that one kids. Never been, dreamed about it for years..the place of musical history i care most about. no its not Strawberry Fields, but that was quite moving. Its the 40 watt y'all. can't believe the show is gonna go on there. The birthplace of elephants..or at least the newborn phase.. whatever, no worries, seeing it first hand, maybe touching too many surfaces knowing brilliance (in fantasy husband form) has touched them too. plus its football weekend in athens so i'll prolly get off on that shit too, with a few "HOOKEMMUTHAFUCKS" in the mix. Funny how Krissie came here and we saw no shows.. the city where i can go to bed nightly and think damn i fuckin missed that shiiiiiit, suuuuucksss!! And on my trip to GA, its shows TTM... reading rainbow on night two., like anything new and off the normal routine are what keep me going.. so this one, i'm super stoked to attend. Bring it Georgia, be a peach for me!

As for the next month of August..its TCB month. Until vacation, its task time. Oh and BTW, the FFF lineup was released today in full. FTR, it is not sick and it isn't epic whatsoever..BUT FUCKING A sure is grand and kinda wishing i could go. and wondering how i fared in teh "Guess the Fest" contest.. i think i scored over 50%, but who knows if that gets you anywhere.. spot on is what they're looking for. made a good run though (i think). oh austin, why are you so difficult? and why are you so tempting sometimes? maybe i'll pop in on a whim. hopefully sooner than later, TYVM southwest airlines. Till then, here i am and oh my, what next ;)

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