Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something Else

"It's really diverse. Short of bugging your own friends to come out and see you, after that it's out of my hands by and large who comes to my show. I can only make the music I want to make, and present the image that I feel represents me and hope that the right people get it. Not that there's wrong people. People who come to my shows are all over the place. Kids in high school, 20 something downtown folks like me, people my parents' age, which is really cool. It's all over the place. I'm trying to reach as many people as I can. I want to try and make the music and put on the kind of show that allows anyone to feel like they can come and express themselves and be themselves and be safe and have fun. I would be really worried if I had a demographic niche and everyone were the same that comes to my show."

And this is one of many reasons I love Diamond Rings. Thanks Brooklyn Vegan for this...John O was asked to describe his fanbase, and that's what he said. THis man loves unicorns and wears ghetto printed tshirts that say Diamond Rings. I've seen this man perform to like 5 fuckies at 11 am at sxsw. By the end of his set, there was a massive crowd. yay! I've seen this man be nervous and berated by a sound guy, only to perform the most excellent of sets. I've tried to publish said set to YouTube to no avail ;( I've mumbled and dedicated his lovely lyrics to many friends..Bless him for the split with Ps I Love You cuz PS they rule too. KSpot and I found him at Cheer Up charlies, and he was more than happy to pose for pics..plus his makeup? not a smudge in sight..that's pretty fuckin A for a Canadian in Texas. Yee Haw, y'all!

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