Friday, August 5, 2011

The Hairs

any band with a song called "Duh! X 12" is gonna grab my attention. Plus "Balding College Girls" and "Scabies Babies" ...can't go wrong with the words dudes. These names sorta conjure up images of a screamo noise band with songs that kinda all sound the same (that makes sense yeah?) yet i'm pleasantly surprised with The Hairs gentle and playful approach. you're not a big bad punked out bear, but yer not carrying around candy and giving all the kids baby bear hugs either. pretty sweet guys. anyways, thanks for being one of my new faves.

"if yer feeling lonely, Duh! X 12
if yer feeling crazy, Duh! X 12
if yer feeling sad, Duh! X 12"

yeah we've all been there, it just sounds better when someone else sings about it ;)

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