Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TCB Tuesday again!

So tonight is TCB Tuesday Sophomore edition..Woo hoo!! Last week went well in my opintion, but it wasn't crazy. And the only person who danced was me in front of the window...but only when i saw someone i knew outside.. or a stranger on occasion, who was debating where to have the next cocktail. Oh Nolita! So great there is lots of space back behind the setup at the Vig Bar. good for stashing shit and moving around. I guess they were satisfied with the flow of people in and out.. The earlies, the mids, and the till the enders.

Funny how when putting up fliers, i really didn't know where to go, unlike Austin..where promotions of fashion shows had the town divided and conquered with Fabrication posters. even stranger is the facebook invite. The first round had 66 people. I never realized that i knew, in some crazy random way, 66 fuckies up in here.. Whether its thru studio work, friends of friends, prior DJ stuff, old ATX band ppl, folks who have lent me their couch, ex boyfriends, new work buddies...66 i never woulda guessed. Wowza! Of course very few ppl who say they are coming never do.. and the ones you expect never see totally come. its the way of the world. And luckily its always a pleasant reminder that people can be completely surprising. maybe that's why i liked that diamond rings interview so much ;0)

anyways, crossing my fingers regarding the sophomore edition tonite. Too bad its raining and "smells like wet dog in manhattan." <--stolen from someone who's couch i was lent.

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