Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hard times man

Its really hard to play an actual Joy Division song (in this case, "Disorder") when all the songs you play before and after are just gonna sound like knockoffs. Hang the DJ. Just kidding.

PS did anyone hear Jeff Mangum's recordings form the Trinity Church in Toronto? shit was marvelous and i got chills to the gills. Homie still has it, he prolly doesn't smoke cigarettes..he was wailing. Harmonizing to the expected notes of all the (well all as in only 2 full lengths, but still)hits we love. Being such a recluse for so long, i am super curious about Mr. Mangum's stage banter. from what i heard so far, he sounds just as surprised and amazed that he's touring as the folks in the crowd. He seems genuine. Bias does have its place in this argument for my husband, yet honestly, listen to it, homie seems happy and right where he wants to be. Keep up the good work honey, at least until All Tomorrow's Parties please.

SO in the battle of east coast versus best coast, .. must be vocally jealous of my older brother and friends in Humboldt County who will get to see David Kilgour (most notably from the best new zealand band ever, The Clean) play a set at the Logger Bar. Crazy intimate set, i mean this place super small, mostly for townies and is all wood, gonna sound amazing. Srsly, if bands go to humboldt County, they go to Arcata usually..or they play at Humboldt State. Leave it to my superfan bro to write an email to mr. Kilgour, which he answered within 2 hours, asking him to stop into the neighborhood (in this case across the street) bar on the way from playing San Francisco and Portland. Obviously DK obliged and the show is going down. I'm super stoked for all the kids over there. Neil is cleaning his home and Kevin is bringing tacos as David and partner are staying over. I sent a request via phone for "Do Your Thing". i'd totes cry if i were there. I sense a flying nun kick comin on...

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