Friday, September 23, 2011

everyones a someone

so many things i want to write about at the moment.. Not much in the mood to organize the past month (awesome)..much less try articulate via typos and unmapped thought patterns how grand things can be(and without a doubt how completely peculiar and 10 sheets to the wind fucked up they can be) i will write only a tad. honestly i promised myself i'd get a sketch pad or blog daily to get the gears running. And surprise! ive no sketch pad in site.. ( BUT......# 2 pencil check!)i'll just post a quickie. a rant. a message. to anyone who cares: please don't say anything remotely awkward or haphazard to me..even if it can somehow can be twistered into some sort of back handed compliment..just don't say it. i don't have the energy to read anyones neuropathways at the time, and i'd rather hear something put on the table, loud and clear. But only if its nice. that's all i can handle. and that's all i really need to hear. so thank you. cuz i'll seriously cry if i hear anything else. and then whoever said it feels bad and then i feel weird for being emotional. and yes admittedly im being over dramatic right now. but that's my right and i'll exercise that shit till its dead..or till i get my spark back. so yeah, just don't think too hard and play it cool. thanks for hearing me out ya fuckies.

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