Sunday, April 3, 2011

the Austinite

i don't have much to say, but i have a feeling that my next few blogs will be regarding the whole last days in ATX agenda i have going on. I felt like a total AUstinite today.. went to town lake, jogged for about a half hour.. then headed over to barton springs..dude next to me was trying to smoke weed, but i guess he thought i was some sort of narc lady so he kept it under his blanket. WTF?! not a partaker doesnt = hater. noticed rather obviously that everyones swimsuits are getting smaller by the season.. dont know if i can hang with that. the ruffly boy shorts kinda have me hooked. But i may need a follow up evaluation. BTW< is macarren park (<--sp??) pool an actual pool now? sure as shit hope so!! Slapped on some fake tattoos yesterday and despite my lack of weed, dreadlocks, and hippie/ster swimming attire i felt right at home.. oh wait! i didn'[t stop at daily juice on the way home.. woops! Studied my NFT brooklyn book and David Sedaris short stories underneath the sunrays. pretty nice day.
got in some nice dinner with lovely donations from K-Spot, who so generously stocked my freezer with healthy expensive delicious foodstuffs.. plus ice cream bars, yeeeaah! How is Atlanta i wonder? went dancing with Kandice tonite at Brabarella.. and i say that cuz i wore a bra. yeah big news.. i guess its time to make that a habit. Had a wonderful time. Danced Dirty Dancing style (not dirty, just partnered up like baby and whatever Patrick Swayze was named in that damn movie) with some random dude and it was pretty awesome. Got to practice lots of ballerina steps and had a partner to back me up. homeboy was doing some major break dancing, so i had to play pinch hitter and step off a bit.. damn how the fuck did he do that?!? but i was never put in a corner, har har. bottom line, dancing alone is ALWAYS my thing, yet having a lil partner action was kinda nice, esp w/o groping and all that unjazzy BS. sooo.. "Home" sans krissie is not as fun. last weeks memories danced in my head...just noting it for the record. Kandipants sure gave me some swift moves to emulate, i just don't get how some people can just craze out so naturally...its pretty awesome. caught my ass shazaaming twice tonite...and GODDAMNIT, i WILL buy that record by The Generationals. its waay too catchy to not own. The weeks been nice.. morphed into Paul Pierce, had some polvo's, bday love and laughter..makes me wonder what up next.. but wonder is most def different than doubt.. at least for now <3 so i took this pic of totally random grand piano (one of two i've spotted on the town lake trail) that really reminds me of how crazy/weird/unique/WTF this sweet sweet hometown of mine can see it here:

the letters on the piano say "Play Me, I'm Yours". fucking rad.

BTW did Best Coast play in College Station tonite? fucking twatter, are you for real?
loves loves,

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