Monday, April 11, 2011

its official

so i'm totally in heart with Craft Spells, metronomy remixes, and Oberhofer right now.. and the new billboard (!!!yes, billboard i said) of the new Battles album is kinda awesome.. it this glorious glob of pink silly string looking muck that stands high above the i-35 freeway at the 32nd street exit. Sooo weird. i had seen the artwork online but was kinda stunned that a billboard that didn't have miller lite or save a child was posted up on the freeway. i guess the sxsw sponsorship is over and the overly gregarious media front by whathaveyou anti abortion association decided that it may be more appropriate to advertise near the planned parenthood exit. don't get me started, fuck that shit. soo..i officially gave my final quit date at work tonite. its all becoming a reality. and yes, the awkward and indescribable dreams of ex boyfriends, paranoid work situations, unimaginable tiffs with friends have ensued. its nice to wake up and know that reality isn't exactly measured by my dreams..i certainly hope for better ones, but i know my brain, i'm sure there's more to come. speaking of yet to come.. Very pissed i'll be missing the crocodiles and beach fossils and crystal stilts and many others during Austin Psych Fest (Krissie are ya wit me??)..but that's moving weekend for me and i gots to get shit either thrown away or into my parent's storage nook they so kindly cleaned out for my dads band (some originals and covers by rolling stones, beatles, zombies, kinks, ? and the mysterians, beach boys , you know the drill...its an awesome drill and i wish i could relearn the songs and play w/ em grr...)is playing on moving nite/ other news, came across some old recordings from random sunday jams with Drivesafe and RT today.. its funny the spontaneous joy that is had when just fucking around on your instrument...and sooo lucky to have the songs;/memories on the ol hard drive. not much else to report.. sucking ass that i can't get sea of bees or the loom on the DL tip, but hopefully soon i'll be able to buy real merch and pay real handclap praise to the bands. Oh and BTW, must intro Gunner to Airwaves...he'd get a kick esp after dana falconberry and friends #notetoself So.. it seems to be raining now.. the wind sounded like a pussy ass beach wave earlier, and it made me wanna visit a texas beach before i move.. prolly not gonna happen but damn, if that's not a powerful and thought provoking time for one to spend with the nature. k, so i'm totes babbling and using the word totes like its appropriate for writing. AKA must stop with this and get some rest. i gave official notice that i'm quitting my job today so i deserve a few cocktails after that big step, following a good weekend of being alone, packing my possessions in near solitude, and thinking. if you were in my head you'd prolly want a glass of wine too. thanks for reading, trying not to be so self absorbed lately..but that shit hurts , forgive me. hearts everyone ")

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