Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adios Emo's

ahh, the last visits to last places.. Emo's was tonite.. I saw Watching the Moon, Grape Street (Harlem/Frank Smith side project, ooh lala), Booher and the Turkeys, and Shitty Carwash.. bittersweet, but mostly sweet this evening. Jen and I went together, which has been rather fun these days. I wore this amazing onesie she created herself, and I love her for not only HER, but the seriously legit designs she has created. its wonderful to step outside the box and wear animal prints, plaid, ruffled collars, uniquely placed pleats and gathers, more angular and structured than i usually wear. Its been right up in my face all these years, and honestly, it fucking works with me.. and i just now realized it after scoring quite a few pieces this weekend. it feels good. that's what fashion should do for anyone. a very happy discovery at the garage sale ;). i will be purchasing mucho mas. and hopefully some new yorkers will notice her talent. Memory jogged at emo's tonite..over the years, i've seen a million shows there, seen a million doormen, bartenders, sound peeps..after all my bitching about sold out shows on the outdoor stage, it was nice to rekindle my love with this venue. for one last time this year. sooo. trying to recollect some of the shows i've seen there, its a looong list and i need ginkgo, so here we will try:

TV on the Radio
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Black Kids
Airborne Toxic Event
The Go Team
Beach House
Beach Fossils
Apples In Stereo
Of Montreal
Washed Out
The Rapture
Elephant 6 holiday tour
Sebadoh (This Microwave world played with...OMD, what a nite as a band. we were giddy)
The Laughing
Frank Smith
The Arm
Tilly and the Wall
Elf Power (a bunch!)
Hold Steady
White Rabbits
The New Year
Canoe (yea corndogs are our friends)
The Minders
The Lilys
The Ponys
Le Tigre
Jay Reatard
And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
Shitty Carwash
New Pornographers
The Unicorns
Arcade Fire (a few times, climb the rafters, yehahh!)
Ghostland Observatory

OMG>>>i can't even go on...especially thinking about all the local shows on random weekday nites...i will say this though..when we played there, i was most certainly happy to have such great sound, and to have shared the stage with such greats..i geeked out like that. Sean geeked otu when he and Lou Barlow had the exact same jeans on when we played with. The soundmen were always nice, and DJ gigs were always super grand and $$$..i can't thank emo's enough..will always remember the sparkleberry (Sparks, Vodka, redbull, cranberry). shit kept me going many a nite. Will always remember the courtyard socials, opting for a port o let versus the ladies room line, and OMG the mensroom has no door and was deemed "worst place to take a shit in austin" my Misprint. SRSLY, what's wrong with that ?!?!<3

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