Saturday, January 1, 2011

last meaningless blog of the year

its 433 am and i'm finally home... it was a good calm NYE, easing on the booze, and prioritizing my state of mind for my last bit of time with my niece tomorrow...not sure what to write about so i will prolly just babble on about good times big fun this year...

free week happens every year in ATX... starting Jan 1st.. all local all free. and all the cheapskates come out in groves.. But its good to play.. last year was grand with The Laughing, Frank Smith, Low Line Caller, Ovenbyrds, Riverboat Gamblers, Cartwright...may you all venture out farther than ever in 2K11

SXSW in march...most memorable shows were local natives, bear in Heaven, best Coast, Diamond Rings, fanfarlo, surfer blood, reading rainbow, hunx, we are scientists, washed out, small black, Tanlines, so many more..but the Windish party at emo's was outta was all day drinks, gas station sandwiches, goin home for a hot second and NOT napping.. then out again...i guess thats the time when "i can sleep when i die" mentality comes into play.. its a whole different world here during march..a world i enjoy..

working around the fanfarlo kids in march was quite awesome. seeing the songs come to life..the frustration and magic, fatigue and perseverence involved in the recording process...wonderful

April brought Beach House to Emo's ...i hate standing side stage, but its almost mandatory unless yer under 21 at this venue at a sold out show... still first time live was brilliant

Future islands in may (opening was lower dens) quite an intimate sunday nite show with k spot and new bandmates from teh sour loved...

toured with Sour Notes in late May...great to play all around teh east coast and canada..O canada! i want to live in you! seeing brooklyn after 3 yrs was pretty was the old friends and faces. so much <3

Triggermen show at trailer space was fuckin A!!

random mixtapes from k-spot always hit the spot <3

June came the NBA playoffs and i was in celtics mode.. FUCK the LAKERS!

July-august - the entire year.. it was peppered with Team Fab DJ gigs.. weddings and clubs...CD was all so grand..i hope to do again before i move..

August: dj gig prevented me from seeing woven bones and happy birthday..Beach Fossils at Emo's was just incredible gigs and the one nite KSpot and myself chose to see Harlem over the Drums.. Not disappointed.. Harlem ruled it..just off tour.. But fuckin A i've yet to see the drums live..

October...ACL best shows were pre show with Spoon at the Mohawk.. then offically, saw Spoon, plus Beach House, Soft Pack, Henry clay people, Edward Sharpe,Girls (roses round the mics...ahhh) sonic youth, the fuckin Eagles...dont' ask about the drug use or clothing please ;) plus so many others.. VIP is wonderful.. after show with Mates OF State at mohawk was surprisingly Afuckingmazing! also caught Sonny and the Sunsets which was a perfect icing on a delicious weekend cake

Elf Power.. my old lovers at emo's.. small crowd.. it dwindles over the years.. and no surprise guest spot from jeff mangum

FFF Fest in November..first time to see Wavves, the antlers, toro Y moi, os mutantes..was waay into all these sets, but mostly best coast, Black Nasty (best show i've seen from em live, woo hoo!), delorean (gotta love that language barrier!) ariel pink, GWAR WTF? the descendents....lost..Deerhunter OMG!

saw Future Islands and Lower Dens at mohawk properly w/ K-spot.. was thoroughly somewhere

saw millionyoung and teen daze... made for some great dancing, even if it was inside at the mohawk

WMMF and frank smith at antones was pretty awesome too.. again, locals completely kicking ass

memorable musical moments include beach house, Barbarella dance nites, team fab DJ nites, weddings where we had to behave, artist weekends with jim and britt and kspot at shang, five fingering geek outs, dancing to wild nothing, bryan/college station music festival, White dress, Karaoke, road trips to houston singing Detroit Cobras and Kelly Clarkson, the new Kanye west (this weeks been a bad massage, i need a happy ending) <---OMG i could go on forever!
lookings forward to in 2011:

Jean on Jean
The Laughing
Jeff the Brotherhood
Mister Heavenly
rainbow Bridge (<--great live vids on youtube)
The generationals
The very best
blackbird blackbird
Family of the year
the so so glos
white fence
maximum balloon
the crocodiles
pearl harbour--whatever they are called now..
more beach fossils, more wild nothing, more CEO, more SXSW discoveries... cheers to Candy Claws at the fest, RIP Women, RIP Ponytail :(, learning all the words to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Elephant 6 holiday tour...
No Joy, getting around to that newish smith westerns....
and all the other bands i hear so much about this year but never really took the time to get up on that shit.. so here's my memory aid for 2011..

this year really meant a lot more than this blog..but i'm all for jotting down and editing.
much loves to you all..

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