Monday, January 31, 2011

magic and mystery

so i was gonna write about seeing no joy, wavves, and best coast. But honestly, i can't say enough about how seeing a sold out show at emo's makes me cringe. i could listen to it all in my car and geek the fuck out moreso than the show thursday nite. whatever..shit was fun and much anticipated..but like most shows at emo's (God bless 'em) just can hear what i wanna hear properly when i can't get front and center. IN other newz..I'M GOING TO SEE JEFF MANGUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HFC, holy fucking christ i am going to new jersey to see Jeff Mangum at the intimate (?) monday nite show following the all tomorrows parties festival in october. I never thought i'd get to have this experience. My girl Julia refreshed and refreshed browser style and was able to procure us tix. This means i have to move to NY.not that there was any question, but hey, i'm going...and i have an adventure to attend to a few months after i arrive. the stars have aligned for once. YOOOOZA!!!!! and on a side note, K-spot and myself tried dancing this saturday and heard a terrific track..we couldn't figure out who it was..had a beach fossils sort of vibe...something about Olivia in the lyrics.. if anyone knows said track please comment! it would make us veeeery happy!

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