Saturday, January 15, 2011

4 is the magic number

its 4 am here, which is appropriate cuz i have exactly 4 things i want to write about just briefly before haytime. geez if only i had 4 hours!

1) recorded:
i just got a collection of ariel pink and matt fishbecks Holy SHit. i'm not too schooled on this but i'm becoming a quick lover of all things holy shit. i think of TV personalities when i hear it.. church bells and both anger and sadness..and i long to see it live, even though i prolly never will.. the politics and passion and beauty of it all..they have my heart in so many ways.. how can they span such great lengths to connect to us all on a myriad of different levels/topics/interests.. God bless em.. Hers's my favorite "My Whole Life Story"

2)Live: I went to see The Laughing tonite. I've been a bad fan. its been months since ive seen them. and GODDAMNIT i wanted to leave the venue and weep of happiness of the wonder of this show. the growth as a band is astounding *been following for years* and id o hope they make it out on another tour.. i saw Grant just morph into an animal on the drums, and Logan leading the party with sexy, fluttering vocals.. which were totally audible just enough to hear the harmonies provided by Grant and new bass player Matt. I can't describe the influences i heard.. the old Jungle/experimental/indie rock pop labeling just cant cover the capacity of this band. I heard 4 new songs tonite. i wonder if they've been listening to Bear in Heaven.. 16 deluxe, sonic youth, psychadelic furs, syd barrett, gauntlet hair .. a fucking melting pot of the most delicious stew of tunes ever.. i wonder if they thought the jagged waterfalls of noise (via angular guitar, intriguing and low ended- as they should be- basslines, and blankets of synth noise) needed some oomph? cuz outta nowhere, loud bombastic and frantic drumming came in, and immediately a different (same) song was played. I was so impressed with the unexpected tempo changes, the rise and fall of the pace and energy, the noisy and melodic atmosphere, affected so perfectly with hints feedback and simple slices of noise and the crescendos down into a Lower Dens sort of jam the feeling of wanting another song RIGHT NOW! it was a truly brilliant show.. the best of 2011 so far..

here's and old video of The Laughing as captured by Leah Ross, an angel of a videographer;

3) I'm currently reading the 33 1/3 series about Neutral Milk Hotel's Aeroplane Over the Sea by Kim Cooper. I'm astounded at the closeness and open forum she's achieved with her account of the elephant 6 collective and the role Neutral Milk Hotel played during that beloved time in the late nineties in Athens, Georgia. I adore the back story, personal tidbits, and each members respective journies into the band... some of them involve New york city, Austin ,Texas (hook em fuckies!) ,and various other places around the country . I'm going to have to re read a few chapters with album art in hand, and Aeroplane on repeat in the itunes. i can't wait to finish. and I"m def going to the Elephant 6 Holiday Tour. I've refallen in love with this magic, even though i wasn't privvy to it during its inception. am i overindulging in a fantasy right now? cuz this book is blowing my mind in terms of the collectiveness and unconventional circus ride that made the elephant 6 collective we have pasted in all our heads. I hope not. i want to believe.

4) I'm leaving Austin. GODDAMNIT it was one of those nites when you see all the people you want, and really feel like your town is special. You miss some folks you wish were with you, but you see some folks that have been off the radar, such as yerself. Seeing The Laughing, seeing old friends, visiting beautiful special people for just a wonderful few moments.. it all meant so much.. it will be hard to leave..but i'm keeping my eyes on an unknown prize. a lil scary..but i know that new faces will be loved and the ones still here always go on tour.

side notes from tonite: Pajama pants get you everywhere at the ghetto convenient store, i miss being on stage with an instrument. DJing is a must and soon. i did not see Javelin tonite, and i don't regret it at the moment. hiding out for a while is grand. i think i saw some of my substitute teaching students at the laughing show. could be wrong but they all had cokes and fat Xs on the hands. weirdness. did not feel old despite said realization <3
loves from a friday nite,

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  1. Oh Erin, it breaks my heart I won't be able to say goodbye. But, I know you will be the beautiful lovely girl that I know wherever you are. No matter the destination, there's no way that people will not fall in love with you and your charisma.