Sunday, January 9, 2011

to portlandia and back

just got home from a vacation in Portland, Oregon. my oh my did i ever rethink my relocation to new york...only after a few days...geez! its like a mini brooklyn up in there...completely neighborhooded and insular (in a good way) but with culture and urban buzz right across a bridge..if the BK doesn't work out, i'm hittin up the NW coast.. i was able to play with my niece in her unicorn fantasy room listening to lower dens, white rabbits, velvet underground, kid cudi, the xx, morning benders, heartless bastards...i've heard my niece sing silver apples before, and now i cannot wait to hear her interpretation of all the new faves...

Band to watch out of Portland: Karen <--yep, just one name, a female name, with bass, guitar, drums...singer sounded like the Strokes met up with Pavement, w/ extra percussion and more feedback. this is good.

I was out of town for free week. This is a week in Austin where you don't have to pay one red fucking cent to get into venues to see local bands.. fuckers are cheap here, cuz every show is packed to the gills and godbless the fandom and the exposure for the bands.. YES!! BUT geez, its always nice to see your faves in a venue that isn't so silly packed... Shows missed: Missions, Mother Falcon, The New Time, Dikes Of Holland, Salesmen, The Lemurs, What Made Milwaukee Famous, The Laughing, Frank Smith. BTW<--i'm happy to pay cash to see you all on a normal ass day ;)

So back at home with upcoming ATX happenings...
*Gunner and Rachel's new band Luck Mountain plays on wednesday..first live show, woo hoo! and also very intrigued by the name picked by the two dog lovers..
*Austin Psych Fest is comin up.. Atlas Sound, Spectrum, Dead Meadow, Crystal Stilts, Sleepy Sun, Fresh and Onlys, Tobacco.. to name a few! on the 13th more of the lineup will be up for internet stalking. i've never been to said festival, and have regretted not seeing past sets by Dum Dum Girls or the Raveonettes at APF, but i think i may just have to get up on it this year..
*Best Coast, Wavves, and No Joy in two weeks.. Hooray!!
*beginning of February...Wild Nothing (GONNA TOTALLY FREAK OUT!!)
*SXSW in mid march...more blogs to come on that...meeting band from brazil? score!

so i'll continue to TCB in my last few months in the ATX...its an odd feeling but i capsulize it quite comfortably in my lil head. I know that the shit will hit the fan soon enough. So lets just enjoy being sane for now.. Bottom line, i'm waay excited about the next adventure. (and the hopefully awesome ATX bucket adventures soon to come)

until next time..

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