Monday, July 18, 2011


at the end of the day...the air was so thick and permeated with unspoken envy and competition... everything was briefly normal in a lighting bolt instant...just taunting them with a flash of the past...a giggle, a fleeting memory. We are all here. then the density of reality set in. it always did. and thank you for your times were muttered..the familiar stranger reared its grotesque head, despite resistance. luckily,to be ignored and unfortunately, seen soon enough. the usual. We are all here. then nothing else was just two ppl trying to make sense of their surroundings. and one of them muttered, in Russian, "Kak dela?" (how are you?). The situation was sublime in the end, from an optimist's point of view. Later remedies sought and found, a coalition to end the abuse. ahem, accustomed abuse ;) We are all here. later she was reminded that familiar suckage is better than general suckage, and everything made sense. We are all here. even later, it became night and nobody cared about anything but the moment. It was a nice time after all and nobody was there. hearts and goodnite

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