Monday, July 18, 2011

day off.

i wanna put off TCBing until tomorrow and just read all day. Going to the strand was completely inspiring. Sometimes the life biz gets in the way of the simple pleasure of the afternoon bookage. plus books smell afuckingmazing. and reading is a lot more fun when its designated, and not just right before bed style. at least for me. Fuck the bank, fuck the laundry, fuck the city, i'm embracing the day off. people like resumes right? i'll send some of those out later or maybe even TOMORROW. ahh.

Black Angels are playing for free tonite at mercury lounge. how would that queue look? prolly a bit much, but still haven't been to the mercury in years and its tempting. plus seeing atx bands in ny is super fun.


The Hairs and Lower Dens are playing this week and maybe the best thing to do would be to save the inevitable Black Angels beer money and use it for something else. decisions decisions.. clearly i have too much time on my hands....which honestly would rule if i were independently wealthy. sheeeiiiit, i'm not. damn.

ION, most of my favorite tweets this wknd were from pitchfork festival goers in chicago those lucky fuckies...some of the highlights:

-a kid in a cast moshing at No Age
-Cupcakes from Oliver Future
-festival goers being nice to each other cuz one day they'll all be in the same lazer tattoo removal center together, haha
-dads rocking out to some dad rock
-someone's cat mesmerized at the computer screen when cut copy was streaming.. adorable
-nobody has more fun at an ariel pink show than ariel pink.

ok i'm procrastinating on both real shit and fun shit, so i'm out for now. happy mondays everyone.

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