Wednesday, June 29, 2011

snippets and blippets

OMG, Captured Tracks pop up store opening when Krissie gets here! In greenpoint, super close... damnit i miss having a record player ... much less a fucking stereo...or a car to plug my ipod in. FUCK, when's christmans again? Well, i'm going, cuz that's where all our boyfriends hand their music over... Thanks as usual to craig for the heads up. oh and for being a total disser on Radiohead and deathcab and generally covering all the bases conversation wise.. obscure musical knowledge, fixed gear bikes, grrr, drug cartels, cocaine drug additives, crack babies, sex drives of our siblings. Yep went there too. @craigz is the jam.
Been revisiting the playin on blip..just a lil commentary, An Horse is great, and totally underblipped. Thanks @Locostavos. currently hearing Bradford Cox at Primavera sound...@pratinsky is kicking out the jams today...tom waits, Atlas sound, yee haw.. Thinking of making a few itunes purchases today..with my meager account balance...just wanna get some stuff..Gardens and Villa perhaps? Burnt Orange? Grooms? getting around to the cults as so recommended? new pump up songs to get ready to? i'm feeling more in the vein of up tempo and aggressively happy. I have a feeling the new future islands will be amazing.. but for now.. choices. love that preview button y'all

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