Friday, September 30, 2011

nothing special to get off my chest

This city just doesn't stop with the tug of war does it?

Everyone here is drunk or broke. both perhaps? but how does that work?

Gauntlet Hair has two new tracks and they fucking rule.

News from KSpot on the TFFTS, and super excited for the mix.

While researching Gobble Gobble, prolly tied with Hooray for Earth or Soft Moon or Summer Camp for best sxsw show, I found the Eskimo Taco mix from Get off the Coast. The cover art makes me realize i need some new art in the apartment. or more porn.

Note to self: czech out more Get off the Coast action.

Free downloads have been wonderful. iTunes purchases have been minimal :(

going to see The Soft Moon tomorrow. and to Todd P's daytime BBQ.
pretty neat idea..acoustic jams from a buncha great fuckies :

Got schooled on the UT football craziness and have decided to reignite my fan flame with a pm game tomorrow. Televised of course. Unfortunately. same with the cowboys. someone misses texas duh!

I barely know what's going on in ATX music anymore.. I do know that Grape St and Frank Smith should go on tour.

Thanks to Craig for the new Gem Club and Future Islands. Dropboxsuckas!

Its been nice not working. It'll end soon. But at least i get a proper weekend out of the whole deal.

Been feeling way too girly lately but then Dude came to town and toughened me up a bit.

Why can you buy beer all nite but its like pulling teeth to get a bottle of wine at a decent hour here?

Found some cool shelves on the street in Tribeca today. My first decent curb find..or the first time i wasn't afraid to pick something up that was still completely useful for fear of bedbugs. If i get bedbugs, its gonna blow. crossing fingers.

TCB Tuesday was great this week. all smiles! happy that school is back in session, cuz i know all those yuppies were totes screwing off their wednesday morning classes.

My last pack of Texas cigarettes will die tomorrow. RIP.

and with that, its back to hot cocoa and cold air. could be worse.

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