Monday, September 17, 2012

oh JEsus!!

well shit, it happened..i missed Jesus and Mary Chain play in new york. thursday and friday night, meaning thursday is always out but i don't work friday and coulda made a proper effort and gone. honestly, $40+ tix price kept me at bay but instagram pictures from friends put it right in my face. meaning I FUCKED UP. not that it was the greatest show...or even marginally great. BUT it was a band that impacted me to no degree..and it was that band that i could listened to in pitch black on a bean bag, crying for everything, living for a strange and peculiar summer at my parents, just one year deep at college. THAT BAND. them and GBV. And i shoulda gone for that sake alone.. it was a thing i would not have passed up in Austin.. The venue woulda royally sucked in ATX but i would have put up with it. I always wonder about the cost of living here and the trade off btwn ...well..just living i suppose..and seeing stuff. enjoying food and beverage..shelter as well. I get my fair share of shows here, but i skip out on pretty much anythign outside of BK and Cake Shop. In the end (blogging attitude is shifting/being honest here), the little guys win: too many basement/shitty bathroom shows with 10 ppl outway any show where a beer is $7 and the battle to the front is seemingly endless/blatantly atrocious. i will stick with what i'm in love with. and right now, its not JAMC. I could pay $40 to mourn this occasion..but oh well, i'm tired, hungry, and i can walk to Shea and get tacos on the way home . so THERE!

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