Wednesday, September 12, 2012

all i care about right now for the sake of my ears: "into the atmosphere" by Dusted Royal Headache Jaill Radar Eyes "wedding day" by Dent May cuz he MUST know what its like to be a 30 +ish lady in OCK singletown in BK...grosssss..but really, he gets something into me. outta me. good kid. Cool Serbia- any and all of it fuckies. gonna make a crying mixtape for Mr. Timmy G. track 1- I adore you by Melpo Mene track 2- my whole life story by holy shit (new album to come, oh my!) track 3- into the atmosphere by dusted track 4- my good deed by shearwater thats it, you'll all be bawling by verse 1 track 1. promise. We all have something to cry about right?!? c on a laughing tip...if anyone is down to put the elfgirl back on DJ duty, she's all ears...Its high time me and Kate (AKA Kate Pilgrim) got some sort of collaboration going. seems like a real deal banana split knotty bit of lusciousness for everyone yeah!?! yeahhhh!! xoxo

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