Saturday, May 7, 2011

pause. blog time!

i just watched the drums cover the supremes. this is prolly an old youtube vid but i sorta am out of touch with stuff right now. Either way, i hearted it TTM and can't fucking wait to be in new york...Just got back from california to visit my bro and niece and friends before moving east.. I love it more every time i go, even though its the land of hippies, dreadlocks, and a section at the store called "goddess sizes". haha. seriously, it pretty much is the most beautiful place with loved loved loved ones who i can't stand to go so long without seeing. I will admit, it is much more, ahem, calm there..and it bugs the shit outta me when things...take..forever... My folks had a realization..that maybe everyone's lax pace of life, the slowness of certain folks, the way of living without the rush...maybe they are all just fucking high as kites. FUCKIN A, why hadn't i thought of that before?!? everyone is just ass stoned and WTF are we so hyped up about?!?! damn, its like a blanket was lifted off my head. spoken like a true non smoker. could be true guys... bottom line, though, fuck it and tsunamis stay away!

So..Its been a whirlwind week..moved out of austin, living with my parents, i'm home sorta..under a beautiful peachy, crescent shape Texas moon. Got home too late to run into the ATX..will certainly miss Karaoke wtih Jen...dancing at Barbs..both of which are going on RFN :( Its cool, sad but cool... things are less stressful and i feel as if i could shun responsibility for another week if i wanted to. But wait! there could be an amazing apartment overlooking a park in Bushwick that could be mine. OMG, calm down erin! so... since i''m saving money and rarely treat myself to fun stuff besides thrift store finds, a decent meal, a nice glass of wine or a massage (all of which i conquered this week too!) i logged into itunes and i realized i had 12 bucks in my account...score!! plus not dancing it all out or having jazzercise around, i bought:

Cut Copy: Need You Now and Where I'm Going
Generationals: Ten-twenty-Ten
Foster the People: Pumped up Kicks
Metronomy: The Look

Honestly i've been jogging a bit, but i really miss the JCize and will prolly take in one more class this week before flying out. Just to get a fix and refresh my memory with the steps..working on a new solo routine, which sorta debuted at a deserted grassy section of the Town Lake trail last week. Nothing like dancing in a summer dress and barefoot, with dirt weaseling up my toes, ahhh... and BTW, yes, its a bathing suit under there fuckies, sheesh! The final analysis: "King of the Beach" on LD, forward flip flop fancy gymnastic move needs a bit of work, and first 8 counts of new routine seem proper. Must pick a song though~! and bow down to any and all dance instructors i made fun of in the past. you gots my mad respect.

so what else..plenty, and more... but again, that moon. gotta take it in while i can y'all <3

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