Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the big 3

three shows in three days. im so tired, i can only hope that the sxsw party-a-thon wont ruin me with fatigue like the past few nites. all for a great cause though. won't lie to you, it is always a pleasure seeing the laughing, and sunday nite was a great preview. last nite i caught the Elephant 6 Holiday Tour. my new crush is Julian Koster, former member of NMH plus founding member of the music tapes. i must admit a lil disappointment with the whole evening, forgive me E6 Gods ;) The Olivia Tremor Control covers were by far the best of the bunch. And if you were in the crowd i hope you like Elf Power as much as i did cuz the set was heavy on the elf. no complaints;) no 5 fingering anyone, just a brush on the back of Scott Spillane, which really is kinda cool.. the band changed my life. i hate the word, but yeah, in an entirely EPIC way. so onto tonite, PS I Love You and Diamond Rings. A-FUCKING-MAZING!! PS I Love you's first time in texas, and they killed it. had to turn to my friend ashley cuz i was stuck in that damnit, who does he remind me of?!?! mode. WOlf Parade. DUH. homeboy Pete from PSILOVEYOU sounds like spencer krug. to the fucking max. not a mystery, but God bless ash for getting it off my mind for the rest of the set. speaking of the set, my ears were bleeding. stood way too close and the guitar amp was slaying everything. but it was powerful and right to just get lost in. esp when J Mascis riffs came stabbing at the crowd from said amp. it was such a pump up for Diamond Rings. I found myself 8 counting Jazzercise steps to the beats, and had nice front and center viewing capabilities. i almost decided to wait until sxsw to catch them, but holy geez this was one great show. without all the riff and raff. elfgirl needs sleep now. xo

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